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Please note that Cloud VPN PRO is NOT a free service.

Unblocks popular applications and websites i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Skype and Viber ...

Opens geo-restricted content by switching your location.

Secures your connection on public WiFi hotspots & hides your IP address so you can browse the web privately & anonymously.

Bypasses firewalls and Internet filters while you’re at work or university.

Ideal for people facing Internet censorship. (Use as Internet proxy to bypass blocked websites & apps)

Works with Wifi, 4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.

Note: Use of peer-to-peer file-sharing softwares, downloading illegal or copyrighted material such as music and movies are not permitted.

Cloud VPN PRO APK reviews

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Jude Chacko review Jude Chacko
Better than the others
Easy to use, one click connect, disconnects much less than others, but it still disconnects tho so one star off
Nicholas Khoy review Nicholas Khoy
Fast and good
Free, very fast and without pop-up ads. Just press the button. Thank you.
Howard Branch review Howard Branch
This app is the bomb. Conection time takes seconds. Just brilliant
NKD review NKD
Failed to load Play Store after connecting. Don't even bother installing this.
iain kent review iain kent
Good app!
Best vpn for mobile that I have found. It's very well made, aesthetically pleasing and creates a user friendly way to help you browse without restrictions.
Gaming Hard review Gaming Hard
Good app
Good app but you should be able to get it on apple this is my only Android thing and I am a apple lover and would love if u guys would make this on apple
Fox Elric review Fox Elric
Brkxbrjfbskv always asking for a rating every app dose this, this is my rating I use to get what I want, you happy now, it works for my phone woooo :D jfjrbwnowowpwnc cjeowobcjfbwlcbfjriwbf wobdiebvidbwocnebvjrne odvdhfirbfkfbfkfbfjfh
Skiniex review Skiniex
Best VPN in Playstore
My School blocked so that's sucks but I definitely recommend
Aby Permana review Aby Permana
Wow its the best app vpn ever, easy to use, free ads, free vpn and i feel free. Love it.
Derrish dev review Derrish dev
They actually suspended the app functions once you use a torrent application with it. It's unbelievable! Don't they know that torrents are not always illegal. Seriously guys!
Mariel Tabios review Mariel Tabios
THE BEST! (Change my mind)
Okay i change my mind. I thought it's not working! Gosh. I was wrong! ??? yup Im wrong again. First it's working then after 3 mins, i wont work. :(
It can cut off but surpasses some of the best barracudas (internet site blockers) with ease... You can have your cheeky tug the night lads ?
Matthew Green review Matthew Green
Decent VPN
Good VPN. Protects your animosity and privacy. Only complaint is that it takes forever to connect. Other than that, very decent and very useful app
Craig Wallace review Craig Wallace
Good for general browsing
Disconnects when it's not in active use and you have to manually reconnect it, but it's a good VPN for general browsing.
Jude Eronmwon review Jude Eronmwon
Couldn't be any better than this, especially when it is free. I cannot complain because it is the best I have ever used , it is even better than some paid VPN apps out there