CloudFind APK

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CloudFind lets you constantly be able to find the present location of your loved ones and/or provide your present location to them anytime they want, all the while letting you be in full control of your privacy.

CloudFind allows you to add your friends to rooms and give them permission to view your location. CloudFind constantly updates your location and you can view the present location of your friends anytime, provided they have given you the permission for that.

CloudFind provides two options to share your location with each of your friends. You can choose one-way sharing with a friend which lets them view your location even if they haven't likewise given you the permission to view theirs. Or you can choose two-way mode of sharing with a friend where your friend only has the permission to view your location if they do so likewise, and they stop receiving your location if they withdraw permission for you to receive theirs.

When you sign up to the app you receive a user id and you can share it with your friends to add each other to rooms and give permissions after which you start sharing highly accurate and very recent location information with your friends on 24/7 basis, with a very convenient interface to modify and stop sharing.