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Ralph Santiago review Ralph Santiago
Always Crashes
This latest version wants to crash constantly. it's like they put a timer in it and after a few minutes it crashes and then continues crashing every few seconds, becoming useless.
Tom M review Tom M
Advertising is not news!
Ok I've finally had enough of CNN using "news stories" to advertise their shows. They host the GOP debate and now the top 14 news stories are about the debate. No lie... 14! This is a tactic that has grown steadily worse over the past year. Time to find a news source thst isn't so self serving. Uninstall.
Meri Holland review Meri Holland
I only downloaded the app to watch the debate because I missed the live airing. All you have is clips. Wouldn't it be easier to put the entire debate up in one video as opposed to 20 different snippits that CNN found interesting? Deleted.
steven myre review steven myre
I enjoy watching CNN on cable television but this app is terrible. Trying to watch a live streaming if the GOP debate but keep getting a "experiencing technical difficulty check connection" message. Before that the app kept crashing. Will be removing this useless app immediately.
Matthew Sechrist review Matthew Sechrist
New news?
News happens every day, but you wouldn't know it from this app. I can go 3 days between using the app and the same stories are there. I've tried refreshing. Also, typically the first story shows page one but no pages after that. I usually move on to other stories disappointed, but I've already read them...3 days ago.
Mark Lim review Mark Lim
Too many notifications
There are many notifications within a day. Hope to see a feature where it allows us to choose what we are interested in and not push every news to us.
Todd Gleason review Todd Gleason
DIRECTV integration broken
Now it shows me as signed into DIRECTV, but when I go to watch it acts like I haven't selected a TV provider. I cleared the data and cache for the app, but it didn't help.
G Jonez review G Jonez
"Watch Live" - how can I when I'm being told I dont have authorization to watch. I'm connected with my cable TV provider, why won't this app play. It's a C O N spiracy!!
kentrell jackson review kentrell jackson
News is not New unless its representing the good NEWS of CHRIST in his name, for his name and with his name ? (Acts2vrs38) #niceappthoe
Michael French review Michael French
As a fan of CNN, step up your game, CNN app.
Grammatical and spelling errors abound, you'll be reading an article about an amazing new website, app, or video and never get a title, name, or link. Constant photo caption errors. Full page ads appear at the end of an article so when you swipe down expecting more content, the app registers the gesture as a click, opening the ad. That's the sketchiest thing I think I've ever seen in an app. Now articles contain videos about completely unrelated news stories. This app consistently gets worse...
Adrian Roth review Adrian Roth
Not a good source of on demand news
Cnn recently stopped posting clips to YouTube so I downloaded this app to see if they had a quick easy archive of videos from the recent days. I couldn't find it. I'll keep installed to see if i can watch the debates but my guess is they'll find a way to mess that up too.
DeLarren Young review DeLarren Young
Fast Stream Startup.
I use this for streaming in the morning Headline News. It starts fast (live stream) and detects what type of connection I have. Pulls up an HD Stream in no time. Works with no issues. #Note4
Ryan Bell review Ryan Bell
Flipboard Integration is ruining your app
Flipboard is a cheesy UI tool. Most people like to scroll add they read which u can't do now. The way you have forcibly integrated Flipboard ads into the news stories is amateur. Drop Flipboard and be a great news app again.
danny watson review danny watson
Links don't work...
at least most of them. I was reading an article on whitey bulgar and the link about the gnu finding money in wall don't do amthing. You guys really messed up the app when it started flipping
Ron McLeod review Ron McLeod
Very sluggish operation compared with BBC and CBC news apps. Using Nexus 5 with 50Mbps Internet connection.