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1.1.0 · Tovita solutions.

Pixel Coloring Cute games & enjoy Pix art! Paint by numbers with a 3DColor book!

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Offers Free
Version 1.1.0
Developer Tovita solutions.
Category Games, Puzzle
Requirements 7.0

Color by Number - Pixel Art 1.1.0 APK description

Start playing Color by Number - Pixel Art games and unleash your talented inner artist! Leave anxiety behind with the color by number - of pixel art games. Let's discover more than 5,000+ FREE and FASCINATING 2D artworks or create your own pixel art Photo. Color by number, relax and have fun with Pixel by Number color game!

Color by Number - Pixel Art lets you enjoy a calm trip and reduce stress by coloring every number cell. Color by Number - Pixel Art app helps you to focus more.

Color by Number - Pixel Art poster
Color by Number - Pixel Art latest version

This relaxing pixel art game by number can develop your concentration, patience, and color-matching skills. Find your favorite images from different categories such as cartoon characters, Animals, Vehicles, nature, imposters, dragons, etc.

Designed by gaming experts and loved by players worldwide, Color by Number - Pixel Art games help you dive into a world of coloring meditation.

How To Play:-
🎨 Tap a paint-by-number and start painting the pixel picture.
🎨 Use hints to paint color your art games in a short time.
🎨 Use fingers to zoom in and out when coloring by number.

Color by Number - Pixel Art App Features:
🎨 Categories for any taste: animals, food, sports, vehicles, people, aliens, dragons, imposters, etc.
🎨 Complete arts to get coins.
🎨 Tools: Magic wand to paint cells of the same color of an area/ Bomb tool to paint a certain portion.
🎨 Pinch to zoom in and out, and take full control.
🎨 Long press to color continuously.
🎨 No stress painting, save your work for later.
🎨 Color by number in offline mode, and play anywhere.
🎨 All drawings of mythical creatures and colors are totally free.
🎨 Just relax and paint by number 100% Free.
🎨 Daily fresh new pixel art design in Color by Number - Pixel Art Game.
🎨 Own Art: Upload your own art from your Smart Phone, get them into pixels from an image, start tapping to pixel, choose your favorite color, and enjoy the Color by Number - Pixel Art Game.

Dive inside a world of love stories with imagine powerful mythical creatures and find fantasy legends of elf, fairies, dragons, and unicorns, horror feelings of vampires and ghouls, beautifully dangerous enchanting mermaids and sirens, sensual bloody warlike amazons, kawaii anime manga girls and boys.

A cool feature of Color by Number - Pixel Art. Upload any pictures, and prepare them for pixel coloring by adjusting the difficulty, pixel, and paint-by numbers of all your photos.

Get your favorite fantasy coloring pictures and then unleash your imagination to color them as creatively as possible.

We hope you will like our fantasy coloring pages and rate us five stars. Also, your comments and suggestions are very important to us.

If you have any problems or suggestions for painting images in color by number - pixel art game please contact us at our support team at [email protected]

Enjoy painting color for bright, interesting, and lovely animals with Color by Number - Pixel Art!
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Download (14.05 MB)

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