Color Flashlight APK reviews

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Mahdieh Eisakhani review Mahdieh Eisakhani
loved it just plese add more themes
Abdialhi Hassan review Abdialhi Hassan
Very nice toch
Todd Groves review Todd Groves
It works
Tim Boukal review Tim Boukal
No spyware
Great app without the spyware. Good job! Update 12/16/15 there is a significant delay between touching the icon to turn on the flashlight and the light actually turning on. Other flashlight apps turn on the light instantly. Downgraded to 3 stars until this is fixed.
App is great, ads but no extra permissions req
However the S-LCD3 screen of my m8 sucks. I intended to use this as a light therapy box but the wavelengths emitted by my screen are lacking. My phone heats up n effects the diodes etc. Next cheapest option incandescent colored bulbs of at least 45W
Ken Codd review Ken Codd
Torch light and illumination
This is a very good app that I have been using for years. Not only to light my way but to also add as a general light when needed in unlit situations. I've used it in various locations such as the Theatre, the Attic and on the highway. I've used the flashing colour sequence in a remote situation to identify where I am to the emergency services. The scrolling text screen has also been useful. All in all, it has worked successfully on four different mobiles and definitely deserve a 5 star rating
Beverly Sullivan review Beverly Sullivan
This flashlight App is like none I've used before! It sends flashing lights, messages that light up, there's even a rotating mirrored disco ball that lights up to create your own ambiance! The safety features of strobe lighting are innumerable! Every kid should have this App on their phone & parent's teaching them how to use it in case of emergency! EXCELLENT App! Glad I found it!
ksav Baker review ksav Baker
This flashlight app is amazing. I've downloaded it and deleted it like 5 times, it never has given me any problems, and it does the job it's supposed to do quite efficiently. I like that it doesn't require the use/permission of hardly any part of my phone. I think just the camera. Also it takes up very little memory. I can't even complain about the ads bc they are a very small scrolling bar across either the top or bottom of the flashlight screen and never interrupt my usage.
Jay Zell jr review Jay Zell jr
Are you kidding me?!
I down loaded this app so that I can read my script backstage without disturbing the show. I needed a dim red light for my screen, but then the advertising would pop up and even though it was only the bottom part of my phone it still disturbed the other actors. I tried to find a way to get rid of these fiendish advertisements by paying a small fee, but I could not find any.
M Lee review M Lee
Exactly what a Flashlight App should be!
Doesn't take up space on your device. At kilobytes of App memory, and such simplistic--and quite possibly lifesaving-- functions to boot. Whomever the developer is, they apparently care about a greater good. Whatever innovation (or series thereof) they create, put stock in it.
Magda Hegazy review Magda Hegazy
Like it
Allie Mc review Allie Mc
Where did the camera flashlight menu go? It was amazing and I had no issues at all until I factory reset my phone today. Now the menu has disappeared completely and I can't control when the camera LED is on...
Cole Henery review Cole Henery
Color Flashlight
Has some very cool different settings that you can use if you are broke down in a vehicle or just for fun if you are out on the town, not to mention the different choices of colors and the brightness that you can set them at! Really Awesome in a car like mine too cuz i have a Convertible which means No Dome Light!!!
Color flashlight
I really like this app. Thank You very much . I especially enjoy the hypnotic spiral effect . Thank You for not charging for extra effects . This is a great fun and interesting app WITHOUT AD'S AND WITHOUT CHARGES FOR EXTRA EFFECTS. I wish I could change the black background to a different color on the hypnotic spiral effect. It would be interesting to be able to pick two or more colors that spiral . Bright red and bright sky blue are very effective for 3D effects. Please and Thank You .