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Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some powerups.
You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it !

Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll have to start again.

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Jessica Loredana review Jessica Loredana
This is my favourite game ever. You will not be able to put your phone down even for 5 minutes. This game is good because you do not need WiFi for it so you can play it anywhere you want. Love this game and there are cool game modes eg: brick,control,slow and like 20 more
New update not working properly
This game is really nice but the new tower update needs to be sorted out. Everytime i play it my phone goes off on its own. But when i play the other modes it works perfectly fine.. please fix!!
StormKiss and Baby Duck review StormKiss and Baby Duck
It is amazing I have not reviewed this sooner! It's so amazing I just can't put it down! So addictive and I really want to finish all the levels. They keep adding new game modes and you can never get bored! Amazing... Just amazing... Wow... OMG
Heather Alcala review Heather Alcala
Please fix warp
I love love love this game, but levels 24 and 25 on warp dont work. The blocks dont open up. These are the only two levels on this mode that I have left. If you fix I would be more than happy to give you 5 stars
Stephanie Frank review Stephanie Frank
Brain teaser
I love this game! It keeps me sharp. It's a great time killer and an awesome way to keep my mind busying during my 12 hour days. Can we get break in endless mode?!?!
Kikelomo Tominiyi review Kikelomo Tominiyi
Interesting game
Am addicted to this game. So many levels to choose fact the whole family loves this's awesome..
Adriana Crespo review Adriana Crespo
This game is simple and addicting. Provides great challenges and you'll pass hours at a time without realizing it. My kids love it too. It's simple enough for kids to play when you need to distract them.
rameezmowahid butt review rameezmowahid butt
OK but 2 many ads
Very nice game!But too many ads.
Jocelyn Olsen review Jocelyn Olsen
I can't get off it once I'm on it. It is hard yet fun and tests my skills +patients
Habeebah Hussain review Habeebah Hussain
The best game ever
It is so addictive I just got a new phone and that day I downloaded color switch and have been playing it a lot.On spin level 30 is nearly impossible bur isn't because I have completed all the levels in spin just keep trying!
I downloaded it and It said it stop
Ellie Smith review Ellie Smith
Excellent game; has amazing graphics, almost perfect controls, cute little designed balls and so many Game Modes, you can't get bored of it. The longest period of time I haven't been on it is when I sleep. However, the sound the balls make when they bounce is sometimes out of sync so I would give a 4.7 if that were possible.
Dulce Salazar review Dulce Salazar
Best App
This app is very addictive.I could spend hours playing this. Download game now you won't regret it.?
Kenneth Gootee review Kenneth Gootee
Not as responsive as it was before...
A few updates back I started getting a little lag between taps, irregularly but frequently enough to break the game. I have a v10 and it was working fine before. Uninstalling until fixed (rather than being constantly frustrated).
This app is fun to play, but its very glitchy. You tap once it jumps twice kinda thing. The jumps arent even on some of them sometimes too. Color Switch is one of those apps that makes you frustrated because of the glitches you cant finish the level. Plus there are way too many adds. You get one practically every other level. Some of them you have to play the game and it takes up lots of time.