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Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults - Free
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*** Elected as one of the “Best Apps of the Year” by Google - "Most Beautiful" category ***

Colorfy is the free addicting coloring book for adults on Android. Start coloring books now! Kids can also enjoy the pictures of mandala, florals, animals and patterns.

With Colorfy, you don't need wifi to start the coloring game. You can color and recolor the blank coloring pages online or offline. Try now one of the best coloring games!

Coloring books and mandalas are proved to help adults release the stress and feel better: test it now! It is a great way to relax your mind and have fun! Enjoy this color therapy for free now!

Girls and boys can also draw and paint several coloring pages in this app. It is a free and fun book for all ages: adults and kids!

- Color beautiful florals, animals, patterns, mandalas, cats, gardens, famous paintings, and more
- Create your own color combinations in this awesome coloring game
- Draw mandalas
- Color and recolor as many time as you want
- Designed for adults but kids and little girls can also enjoy the coloring experience.
- Easy controls! Simply tap to paint and pinch to zoom on the coloring pages
- Experiment with beautiful palettes and mandalas
- Design unique work with new filters and effects
- Share your pages and creations with family and friends
- Post your art and get likes from your followers on Instagram or Pinterest
- Works offline! No wifi needed to relax on the best coloring book.

• New images and pictures every week
Get inspired with pics posted by users all over the world! Just browse our own feed or explore the hashtag #colorfy on Instagram. Create your own pic collages that look like real paintings or colorful photos. Unleash your inner artist.

• Coloring books anywhere
Colorfy is a free app and does not require any internet connection. Have fun with it in the garden, while kids play video games, or during a long flight. Relax and be creative. You can play it online or offline!

• Connect with the world in a new, meaningful, and beautiful way
Share your creations in Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook and more. Have the most beautiful coloring pages! The colors you choose say a lot about your true feelings.

• Colorfy Plus subscription
A subscription is offered within the app for access to the full content and weekly image updates.

• Compatibility and support
We're continuously working so that all Android phones and tablets run Colorfy the best way possible. Please report any issue you may experience at

• Age rating disclaimer
Colorfy is a free app for all ages. Just like the best games – children, girls, and adults can enjoy it without any restrictions. Have your kids pass time with this app.

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jan barrington review jan barrington
So fun to play with color!
You definitely need a stylist. Designs are fun. Good past time!
Temani Maheia review Temani Maheia
So cool
Gary Ginn review Gary Ginn
I'm not using this app if I have to buy it. I can download a 100% free app that us just as good or better than this one.
Amanda Dickson review Amanda Dickson
Paying Twice?
I installed Colorfy on my phone and my tablet, but I've only used it on my tablet. I paid for an ongoing weekly subscription on my tablet but when I couldn't see the pictures I colored on my tablet displayed on my phone (yes it's the same Google account) I thought I had to pay for both devices, so I did. It still didn't show me the work I did on my tablet. I want to know if I'm being charged a weekly subscription for BOTH devices? If so, I want to cancel the one on my phone because I still haven't used it.
Hannah Kim review Hannah Kim
Love this app! So relaxing!!!
Mya Brown review Mya Brown
The greatest coloring business in the world
This is so cool because you get to do what you want to color I think this app is the greatest I ever download Thank to who ever created if I know how I would give you thousand dollar even my daughter loves it if it was for this app my daughter would be hopeless she love her phone and love to color so that make it she can color on the thing she loves thank you very much if their was more star I would give a million to you thank you. You saved my life
Sarah Jordan review Sarah Jordan
Love this Coloring App. Has a great variety of color palettes to choose from. The only problem is when I click on purchase a year to unlock more colors and pages it has a pop up saying payment could not be processed. I wasn't even able to get to a screen with payment options or even a message stating how much the subscription would be. I would love to pay for the extra colors since this app seems like one of the better coloring apps I have come across.
Marci Suarez review Marci Suarez
Nice but...
I liked the app fine before. But I'm pretty annoyed now. I got a notification telling me to update because Christmas pictures were available. So I did. Only to find you have to pay for EVERY single Christmas picture! I understand that everything can't be free. But not even one? If I had known I wouldn't have used part of my data allowance to update. Not a very good example of holiday spirit.
Shelly Flanagan review Shelly Flanagan
This is one of the best coloring apps out there. However, to use more than just basic colors you have to sign up to make payments once your free trial runs out in the first week. Too bad, its one of the better ones.
Rebecca Hilvety review Rebecca Hilvety
I've seen better, still going to use other color games aside from this one.
A relatively good coloring game. It doesn't freeze or stick. But I don't really like the newest update a lot of the coloring pages that were free before the new update are no longer free, if you ask me that's just stupid. If you keep begging for money in this way, there isn't going to very many people playing your games.
Marian Mager review Marian Mager
No instructions. Unless I am not looking in right place.
Diana Is Here review Diana Is Here
Its so easy to use and the basic palette has an array of colours to choose from.If only the trial period could be longer...7 days are too short of a period! ? I hope there's an option button whereby after the trial period,the colours should be made unavailable...If I forgot about the deadline,I will be paying week after week without realising...???
Amelie Collins review Amelie Collins
Loved it!
You can colour ssssooooo many pictures and it's a really fun game so I'll rate it five stars?????
Kieda Villalva review Kieda Villalva
Entertaining Time Passer!
I love this game! It gives you something to do when there is nothing else! I downloaded it on my new phone for when I have nothing else to do, so I think this is a great game to have! And everyone has AMAZING artwork. Love it!!❤ I just wish there could be a little more colors available. I just think there should be more available things to color for people who can't buy them, because I wanted to color things on patterns, but couldn't ?. Other than that, good game!!!
I can make my own coloring pages to say exactly how i feel. Lol