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Coloring Book for Me & Mandala
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Coloring pages with unique designs and mandalas in every shape and size. Get a fascinating stress reliever right on your Android device!

Release the stress and feel better: allow yourself some precious moments of childish joy and happiness and unleash your creative inner genius with these vibrant and harmonic coloring pages!

Coloring Book for Me is a true coloring book with intricate patterns and coloring pages with animals, flowers, places, food and more designs organized into categories. But surprises are not yet finished: you are able to turn any of your own line drawings from photos into coloring pages - simply tap to transform photo to sketch and start drawing! The app magically translates the tactile pleasure of putting pencil, crayon or paintbrush to coloring pages and turns your Android device into a perfect tool to relax and sharpen your drawing skills.

Time to Bring Art into Your Life:

- A rich collection of fascinating images. Choose what you want to color: an animal, a bird, a human, a mandala or.. our special guest – a unicorn;

- Color your most memorable photo! It’s never been so easy to transform any photo to a coloring book page - just import any picture you like from your photo library and start coloring right away;

- A set of handy tools to choose from: a paint bucket, a marker, a pen and an eraser - for the final touch to finish your masterpiece;

- 25+ beautiful color palettes with 8 colors in each: choose one that fits best and fill a picture with colors from soft muted to lively dynamic;

- Custom palettes: combine any paint colors you like, enjoy more personalized coloring and paint matchless works of art;

- Post-editing effects: add vignetting or apply textures (Bricks, Knitted, Wood, etc.) to turn your coloring picture into a ready-to-share work of art;

- Listen to calming sounds of nature while coloring. Our tunes will carry your conscience away where it’s only you and your creativity;

- Quick sharing: when finished just share your masterpieces with friends by email and on social networks;

Plunge into a meditative coloring and start your journey to the world of peace and harmony! With Coloring Book for Me you can easily unwind after a busy work day anytime, anywhere.

Take a deep breath and relax with free coloring book on your Android or go Premium version and get an unlimited access to a huge, constantly growing collection of wonderful coloring pictures without any ads and watermarks.

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Premium subscription features:
- Unlock all pictures
- Use extra palettes
- Share your artworks without watermark
- Remove all ads.

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Bridgette Kelleher review Bridgette Kelleher
Love the pictures and the choice of colors. It lets your imagination go wild. However there are quit a few pictures that have lines that are not closed. So say you want to color the log brown but instead of just the log you color the background the came because it leaks through. Or it will happen to a person. You color a design on their shirt and it leaks to their body which can't be skin color now. Very discouraging when this happens.
Whyte Lily review Whyte Lily
I did kinda like it until it would keep telling me there were no videos to watch to get the free picture of the day. A lot of the pictures have been "free" before. Not sure why I would pay money for "coloring book" that isn't even paper.. Sorry but I'm going to have to uninstall.
The Journalists review The Journalists
The only reason this is 3 starts is because whenever I'm coloring it exits me out of the picture and then ads pop up every minute. But it is relaxing with music ?
hasz Bernhard review hasz Bernhard
Way to many restrictions and ads. Constant nagging to sign up for $3.99 Per Week. Who pays $17 Per Month for a coloring book subscription!!! Thats like $200/yr. Watermarks on any image shared with free version. In response to developer reply: Are you kidding me? You are ripping off users by tricking them into an overpriced subscription. The free version is basically useless and extremely annoying with the constant pop-ups. There are many better choices out there in the Play Store. Strongly recommend that you install something else.
K.H. JONES review K.H. JONES
The "free" daily pictures are most frequently ones already painted. No real new ones 50% of time
I love this game alot❤❤
Love it
Kellie Curry review Kellie Curry
Anyone with anxiety or just a nervous wreck this is good for I suffer from years of this and having it at my finger tips well finger are pressure points so no brainier! But should bee free not free trail color alot more are offered good for kids to and you can share or send special ones with a special someone write in something small at the end just great project
Kamden Myir review Kamden Myir
It is really fun.
Great colours , textures and pictures! The only reason why I'm giving this app a low rating is because it keeps on freezing my screen every once in a while. If you don't have this app right now don't stress because you won't suffer. Hope you enjoy my ratings!
Olivia Gray-Higgins review Olivia Gray-Higgins
Auesome Soooo relaxing nice to do if ur out in a cafe and not doing much this really helps u to relax I would advise this to adults younger adults and children or teens who like to relax and do detailed colouring
Gabriel Enriquez Navarrete review Gabriel Enriquez Navarrete
Good need more colors tho
Stephen House review Stephen House
After hours of painstakingly filling in an intricate pattern I saved the piece, immediately afterwhich it completely disappeared from view. I searched everywhere for it in this coloring book app. Gone! Never found it again! This app sucks! Even with a paid subscription it's still cramming ads at you. This app is all about sales promotions for other apps! Big thumbs down!!!!!
Not a good app totally bad quality. It was the last time I will download the app. It should let you have all the pallets for free. Make no sense. And the pictures should be like layed out or something. NEVER DOWNLOAD IT .
Ofi Toffee review Ofi Toffee
The questions thing (on rating) has questions like 'Can you buy movies/shows on this app?', which is totally irrelevant; you guys might wanna check that. Anyway, I L?VE this app!!! It gives me life. ? Looking for a colouring app? Look no further. This app has EVERYTHING!!!! Even if you don't buy the premium (which doesn't cost much) the app is AMAZE and will have you ADDICTED in the BEST WAY!!! Love it x