Colormania - Guess the Color - The Logo Quiz Game APK

Colormania - Guess the Color - The Logo Quiz Game
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Guess the colors of thousands of popular logos from all over the world? playing Colormania, the best logo quiz! Colormania is the new funny and entertainment logos game quiz. Choose the correct colors, exceed the levels unlocking brands logos and train your memory! How many of the logos do you know? Welcome to COLORMANIA!

Genera Games launches Colormania - Color Logo Quiz, learn the logos of your favourite and famous brands in this awesome game quiz simulator! With simple movements of your finger you will get right the correct answer for each color logo. Are you a ready? Download this color quiz game now on your smartphone or tablet completely FREE!


Accept the CHALLENGE? Got what it takes to guess the correct colors of thousands of brands and logos? You’ll also have to guess the colors of favorite brands, foods, car logos, flags, sport teams, celebrities, TV & movies characters ... and much more! Test your memory and guess the colors of FAMOUS BRANDS AND LOGOS!

Do you like solve puzzles? Colormania is thinking for real quiz games lovers. There are thousands of trademarks logos, are you ready? Answer the color, get the ultimate level and unlock new logos. Test yourself and see how many logos you can recognize in this memory game. You have never seen before such an funny educational game! START THE GAME SHOW!


Loot all logos from different groups like TV quiz & movies figures, sport teams emblems, magazines titles, companies names, food from various regions, country flags, car brands, celebrities, game & cartoon characters and much more!
Can you collect them all? Are you a logo-maniatic? Enjoy learning logos in this PUZZLE ADVENTURE!

You won't forget the colors of your favorite characters and brands… or will you? Select incredible power-ups to solve the test in this kids game.
Use the “HAMMER” to eliminate a possible solution of the color panel answers.
Apply the “BRUSH” to paint a correct color response!
Visit our shop and buy interesting packs one of these powers. Play this CLICK AND COLOR quiz game and know hundreds logos, improve your VISUAL MEMORY!

Find the correct colors of ten different logos and level up in your game. Each level is more interesting and complicated in this trivial brand game!
Can you overcome any question? Train your memory and demonstrate that you are the best in this FAMILY GAME QUIZ!
New levels and categories coming soon, check for updates! The logo mania COME BACK!

Complete all normal levels and unlock different challenge packs, the show must go on! The most funny challenges are in Colormania - Color Logo Quiz: CHRISTMAS, MOTOR BRANDS, USA SPORTS EMBLEMS, SWEET CANDIES and much more!
Conclude all of them in this logo pop quiz game!

At the beginning each match, you playing life's roulette and win the attempts for your next round. If you lose all lives, you will have to restart the game or buy more lives in our game shop.

Very EASY to play and totally FREE, with its simple and intuitive interface, colour and draw with only one finger! You'll love this challenge color logo quiz!

Do you like the COLORS QUIZ? Check out the official game video. Unlimited logos and brands in this new brain game:

Start this entertainment brand logos game, you won't stop drawing, colour and playing! Free download Colormania - Color Logo Quiz and start guess famous logos NOW! COMPLETE ALL LEVELS!

Guess all colors, logos and brands shown in this game are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations.

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Enjoy the game!

Colormania - Guess the Color - The Logo Quiz Game APK reviews

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Estrella Aldaba review Estrella Aldaba
Sometimes it's really hard because some of the pic. Things u don't know their color
Tory Sheridan review Tory Sheridan
Cool game! Gets harder and harder , amazing how u can see these logos everyday and still draw a blank trying to fill in the color!
Paqullia Coleman review Paqullia Coleman
I hate it don't play it it will make u go to other sights
Aerial Brannon review Aerial Brannon
You have to wait befor you get to spin cang the helth to like 5 so yea????
louise redfern review louise redfern
Very fun and addicting, although I get stressed when I use the wrong shade.
Nikolova Elena review Nikolova Elena
It stops after opening the logo number 512 , it doesnt show the logo , ang the colors below . Make it better. Or let it say "you won" after 512 logo
Elliot Barrow review Elliot Barrow
Stop. Poorly made trivia game. Like long waits for answers to basic questions? Like adds shoved in your face every 5 seconds? Then by all means, this game is for you.
Danny Hoff review Danny Hoff
Constant putting obstacles in your way, making you wait ridiculous amounts of time before you can play again when you get something wrong, practically forcing the micro transactions down your throat.
Daniell Brown review Daniell Brown
This game isn't hard but it's not easy I play a lot of game and I mean a lot but this is my Favorite of all games I've played
akram wahid review akram wahid
I will not the best regards please let me know if you are not be able to get good
Philip Moore review Philip Moore
Still needs work
I updated the game way back in November and I got to icon #906 and it just stopped loading more icons or even that one. I wish the challenges had like a checkpoint or something every so often so you don't have to redo every single one if you get really far and run out of lives.
Jacob Lim review Jacob Lim
Fun game but turning off the sound doesn't actually turn it off for me. There's still sound in the wheel thing and when I make a mistake when guessing. It's honestly very annoying P.S. hate the waiting time so much
Eduardo González review Eduardo González
Man, I love this game but there's some error at icon 513, nothing appears and there's nothing to do. It just gets stuck. I tried downloading it in other phone and happened again. Is there any way you could fix this please?
Alayna Jenkins review Alayna Jenkins
Memory game
It shows you how much you know your memory. The only thing I hate is it shows you too many ads
ryan durrant review ryan durrant
The games 5 stars
The main reason for the game has 5 stars is because of the fact they get free lives and the time they have to wait for more lives is ridiculous and the only reason for me doing this is for the lives... and as much of all I have said it still is a good game