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The governments of the world have fallen, leaving scattered armies, vicious warlords, and a terrified populace in their wake. Can you return order to a world torn apart by war?

Take command of your City and rebuild your military might. Harvest resources, train your troops, and research powerful technologies to advance your cause. Form alliances with other live players and do battle to dominate the globe. The entire Earth is available for you to fight and scheme your way to victory!

Commanders is an exciting combination of base-building and near-future military combat with thousands of other live players. Forge alliances and climb the leaderboards to claim your spot as the ultimate Commander of the world!

Commanders APK reviews

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Hurley Ron review Hurley Ron
Does not care about players, only money. Ive had several issues, none of which they have resolved. They just say they r working on a solution. A solution that never comes. Servers get jammed up they do nothing to fix. Basic game features dont fix. Seems ember just wants our hard earned dollars but isnt willing to support the people who spend in any way. Greed is the name of their game
Joel Clemons review Joel Clemons
Has multiple logon issues monthly and needs more VIP levels as well as ranks to the officers. Great game for money players but big players pick on little guys so unless you get in a good alliance it's hard to enjoy. To add to the list issues I have now lost access to my accounts (9 total) and no word from the company on fixing.
No balance to the game. You can be constantly hit by players ten times your size and nothing you can do about it. Constantly being wiped out us not fun. Spending a LOT of money is only realistic way to grow, and I mean hundreds of £. Big spenders dominate the game, every one else is just farmed.
Michael Miles review Michael Miles
I love this game and I have been playing for over 2 years now. I'm in the top alliance in region 3. I have never spent a penny on the game. You can be a huge player without spending but it takes time and patience.
Steven Doyle review Steven Doyle
Game has problem loading
Every time I touch screen to do an upgrade or something it reboots it self. I've sent reports but get no answer. It happens on my phone and pad .
Larry Fantini review Larry Fantini
I love this game and spent alot of money. But it is being neglected while ember is focusing on empire z. Same events everyday and everyweek and the rewards are not getting any better either.
Mark Reliford review Mark Reliford
Very good game
I like that you build things to gain power and nice gameplay with graphic you gathering resources it is a online game with real players from around world so come play best war game online DOWNLOAD TODAY Don't wait start the fun"" good for Android and other devices
dan pagan review dan pagan
Better events please
You guys gave us new events then took them away so now its the same events over and over and over and over and over...see what I mean it gets old SO now its become a PAY-TO-PLAY G... thanks smh.
Keegan Brown review Keegan Brown
Best game ever
Out of all the war games I have played this is the best one by far.But one tiny complaint you should make researching units take less time and their should be more units like snipers, flamethrowers and medics finally people should be able to control their army In battle
GunMaster 22 review GunMaster 22
Best Mobile Game ever
PEOPLE this game is not greedy sure it has some aspects that make you waste money but it's not a mandatory thing you need to do and if you get passed all the money stuff this game becomes alot of fun so don't HATE , APRECEATE because this game is alot of Fun!! :)
Stewart Douglas review Stewart Douglas
Unhappy gamer
Can't log on just spent $150plus dollars on packs not chuffed not one bit ember not first time tho please fix this
Bob Langston review Bob Langston
Doesn't work now
Played this 3 months on my Galaxy S6. Now it won't run. I have tried everything, uninstall, reinstall. When you put that much time into it and it stops it's a huge emotional let down.
Banichi review Banichi
Exactly like Empire Z, same game with different setting of war. Deleted Empire Z due to the fact that you can't compete without paying. I got a notification in another ember game to try this, get to level 3, and get a reward in that game. Met requirements, never got the reward. Guess I'll delete that game too, and avoid everything ember in the future.
Shannan Curths review Shannan Curths
I got locked out of my phone 7 times by my 20 year old sister who thanks evey phone she sees is hers I had my base fully upgraded
Nato Tombs review Nato Tombs
The war game i wanted
Its just what ive waited for. But bullies can be troublesome. Find a good alliance and get some payback. Please dont make this another Ez clone!! (Last update stopped it loading on my Samsunf Tab A! No reply after 12 msgs to Ember why!!!!!!)