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Connect with what’s going on at your church anytime. Contact your small groups, coordinate group activities, RSVP to church events and meetings, manage your giving, update your information, and more.

// This app is only for people who attend a church that is using Realm Connect—the app-enabled version—for its church's administration, finances, and community. Please check with your church staff before connecting. //

• Post messages or prayer requests to a group newsfeed
• Add comments to messages and events
• Share photos of your ministry activities
• Communicate with your church groups throughout the week

• RSVP to group or church-wide events
• Sign up to bring items to an event
• See who is attending and who can't make it 
• Add comments to events 

Realm is a church ministry tool designed and developed by ACS Technologies. It connects your entire church and personalizes everyone’s involvement in your ministry. This app fully integrates with your church’s Realm database and is included with your Realm Connect subscription at no additional charge.

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Noah Johnson review Noah Johnson
Pretty good app but it does not send a notification if you received a message in a group message. You have to open the app to know you have a message. It sends a push notification if something is posted on the news board, but not group message. I've missed important info because I expected to be notified of messages
I would like the app if it worked. The problem is most of the time it does not work correctly if that all.
Rick Ortiz review Rick Ortiz
Basically the app just does not work. It would be a decent app if it actually did what it was supposed to.
Barry Holden review Barry Holden
Absolute Junk. Stop wasting your time trying to get it to work and just tell your church to ditch it.
Shelby Pratt review Shelby Pratt
It appears some users have had issues connecting. I think that may have been prior to a recent app update. I know it worked fine for me when I first installed it a year or so ago. I had some connectivity issues last Fall, but it has worked very well for me this year. I like being able to manage my profile; get a quick view of my giving history; make a new gift; send and receive messages within my groups; and even register for events right from my news feed. This is a great engagement tool, especially for churches who could not afford the development of their own church app.
Ben Forsberg review Ben Forsberg
The old version definitely had some problems, but the recent fixes make this app a great way to connect our whole church. Cool messaging and group features.
Sandra Neal review Sandra Neal
Great way to stay in touch and manage your giving. If your church has spent some time getting groups organized, it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and small groups. I haven't had any of the sign in/loading problems mentioned by other reviewers - maybe they fixed those bugs in the new version!
Ami Frick review Ami Frick
A decent app that is useful in church management and connections. As an admin, it is frustrating that we have so many technology challenges when trying to get our church members to install and use the app. The folks that get it to work seem pleased at the functionality and ease of use. I like the amount of control we have regarding notifications and it's super useful for communications. I would recommend it!
A Google user review A Google user
I would like the app if it worked. The problem is most of the time it does not work correctly if that all.
A Google user review A Google user
The apps great! Login worked, that I setup through the link sent out by the church. Can't wait to use it!
No way I could find to establish an account.
Trevor J. Collazo review Trevor J. Collazo
Would love for it to work. Freezes constantly and must force quit. If it would work as well as the browser portal, it would be awesome.
Randy Thomas review Randy Thomas
Cant even sign in! App does not work!
Camille Wilson review Camille Wilson
It will not let me connect to my church
Robert Butler review Robert Butler
App doesn't work