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Control Shot CS
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Control Shot is a great multiplayer 3D action game. Choose one of four teams, buy weapons, equipment and fight. The game has 13 maps, 10 game modes, 4 teams, more than 30 types of weapons, body armor, helmets, backpacks, military equipment and much more.

- Multiplayer mode

- Single mode

- Training

- 4 teams ("USA", "RUSSIA", "Terrorists", "Crazy Team")

- 13 maps ("Ruined City", "Dust2", "Dust2X2", "AWP India", "$ 2000", "Sity Street", "Factory", "Ice World", "Snow", "Fortification", " Dust4 "," Trenches "," Containers ")

- 10 game modes ("Standard", "Bomb", "Capture the Flag", "Revival", "Arms Race", "Falling Arms",

"Accidental weapon", "Sniper duel", "Sniper tournament", "Training")

- More than 30 types of weapons

- Military equipment

- Body armor, helmets, backpacks

- Ranks

And much more.