Cookie Jam Blast - Match & Crush Puzzle APK

Cookie Jam Blast - Match & Crush Puzzle
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Cookie Jam Blast is a delicious new match-3 puzzle game filled with hundreds of yummy dessert themed levels and candy-like treats that are sure to satisfy your craving for fun!

Hop in your airship and embark on a new bakery adventure with Chef Panda and friends. Swap, match, and crush scrumptious candy-colored pieces to create mouth-watering combinations and play challenging new game modes filled with all new characters and your favorite sweets, like waffles cones, candy, cupcakes, chocolate, ice cream, and of course... COOKIES!

Level up your Chef Panda and craft delicious recipes! Complete puzzles levels to earn stars, unlock ingredients to craft some tasty treats, like chocolate chip cookies, cake pops, ice cream sandwiches, apple pie, and more!

● Crush your highest score with hundreds of fun and challenging puzzles
● Match 4 candy-colored pieces to create a Jelly Bee! Use it to help shake up your board
● Reveal the Yumsicle popsicles! Swap cookies and candy to uncover hidden treats
● Collect energy to move the Cupcake towards the truck
● Break the Waffles before you’re out of moves
● Catch all the Topplers before they move to win
● Jam through levels and earn stars to unlock ingredients to bake recipes
● Connect to Facebook to sync your progress, send/receive lives & Helper Bees from friends
● Spin the prize wheel daily to earn rewards like boosters and
● Earn rewards along the way and collect limited edition airships in special events!
You’ll want to check back often to see what’s in store!

Got a sweet tooth? Download Cookie Jam Blast today and satisfy your cravings!

DEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer in truly cross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match 3 puzzle games! You'll love to crunch through ever expanding levels and events. Jam through each sweet puzzle game & check back often to see what we've added! Begin your bakery adventure on this free match three puzzle game today!

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Cookie Jam Blast - Match & Crush Puzzle APK reviews

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Lawrence Boadilla review Lawrence Boadilla
There is something that candy crush saga have that this doesn't, its the animation of the blocks, the voice over combos and a bit of interaction in the map(it does make you feel a bit better clicking those objects), this is hd so maybe that's the case why the animation was not as good as the saga series. Love that there is upgrade of the balloons but maybe you can make the map more dynamic like plant and zombies 2.
Marli Lombaard review Marli Lombaard
After update game just said stopped working. This is the second time after i downloaded cookie jam.
Jane Bateman review Jane Bateman
Well done Jam city you've done it again! I do love a remake of a classic game :) just a quick comment to the makers.. you may want to change one of the phrases cupcake guy says when he's trying to reach his veichle sounds... I leave you to do the research, I have a 7 year old running around thinking it's ok to say dido with an L ? other than that great game
Sharon-ann Van Der Venter review Sharon-ann Van Der Venter
Will there be any more stages finished 100 and now I must wait. Simply love this game.
Beverly H review Beverly H
Love it.. best game played yet. Some small bug problems. But it's a good game.?❤❤❤❤ please fix bugs so I we that love this game are never unable to play for a week ever again. I spend money on it and I feel you could have at least given use some free unlimited plays and helpers for our inconvenience ?. Makes me feel y'all don't care about us, just the money you hope we keep spending!! ?..Come on give us a break! I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking this, show some love please!! Thanks
Kathryn O'Reilly review Kathryn O'Reilly
Love this game if anyone wants to play with me id send them lives. i love cookie jam games
twilla moye review twilla moye
I loved this game so much until my update Friday. I tried to play and all I got was a red screen. I'm also on a high level and want to continue. Come on Jam city fix this problem.
Horrible so so horrible make it good ! Please please try
Wendy Wheeler review Wendy Wheeler
This is my favorite game by far! I play every night before bed There was a glitch in the last update but it's fixed ~ YAY! Thank you
Anel Jooste review Anel Jooste
Love this game!! ??? The game stops at level 100 ? Is there more levels coming???
Cassandra Wee review Cassandra Wee
I would of given this game 5stars all round but every time I watch the video to get a bonus, the video ALWAYS freezes. Is there any way that your team can fix this?
April Morgan review April Morgan
Cute game, but the game freezes up. I can't get past level 5 because it freezes after my first move, no matter where I start the move at. I really wanted to play because I really love the original Cookie Jam game, but had to uninstall. I will try again another time and I really hope I can play it. It does have very nice graphics as well.
Sethabile Sbonilr review Sethabile Sbonilr
It's an awesome game
Roxanne Anderson review Roxanne Anderson
I love love this game, it wasn't working properly for about 3 days. And I was upset because it froze up or something, but I've got it back with everything that was left on it. Yay!!
Kristin Hayes review Kristin Hayes
Love the game but every time I almost win the level I'm on it crashes... irritating. I've been stuck on this level for 5 days now. I get close to winning and bamb the game glitches and steals my things and gone.