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Tanja Snow review Tanja Snow
Used to be good
After the most recent update all I get are error messages. I used to play daily but now I can't even get it to open, all I get are messages saying unfortunately it stopped working. What's that bs about??
Sara Lindsey review Sara Lindsey
I love, love, LOVE this game! Best app I've ever installed!! Love how quickly I can pass through the levels and keep advancing!! Please add some more levels!!! I passed 1135 about a week ago and I don't have any more levels to play!!! HURRY UP WITH MORE LEVELS!!!
Ollie Blue review Ollie Blue
Cookie Jam Crashes
Very fun game. Always new challenges.
Jennifer Mcinerney review Jennifer Mcinerney
What happened to this week's update?? For a popular game you would think youd want to keep us playing. When will u update cookie jam???
kirsa Das review kirsa Das
My daughter downloaded it, I was showing her how to play and I wouldn't give her the phone back, now I'm passing everybody up and I Love it. Lol now send me lives... TY
George Shongutsie review George Shongutsie
Back to level 1
I was on the scrumptious farms level, don't know what happened but now I'm having to start at level 1. I'm deleting this game!
Nicol Teo review Nicol Teo
This is ridiculous!
I played this game for quite a while but it keeps force close and I have to restart it again when I do that I will start from level 1 again! Please fix it
Laura Elias review Laura Elias
Great But...
I Have not been able to open the game and would get messages that cookie Jam has stopped working Plz Fix!
lagina anderson review lagina anderson
Need more free stuff
Some of these boards r hard by the time I hear it u don't have anymore lives u have to wait
Reba Smith review Reba Smith
Help me
Love it but for some reason it hasn't loaded in over 2 weeks the loading screen shows then it kicks me out off the app
Shelley James review Shelley James
Stop Asking
Great Game. When you stop asking, EVERY.TIME.I.PLAY, if I want you to post to Facebook for me then I will re-download the game and play again.
Trina Harper review Trina Harper
Love the game
But how do I get the cookie cutters can't clear were there sitting at?
Suzanne brown review Suzanne brown
Its very addicting. Not enough options to get coins unless u want to watch . Ad or invite friends to play. Most of my friends hate the invites.
Aud Lasley review Aud Lasley
Great game
I'm definetly hooked . It's not like all the other games like this. Each level is a different puzzle to solve. It is a great game to pass time.
Rosie Jackson review Rosie Jackson
This is a very addictive app, but it keeps CRASHING and sometimes in the middle of the game. Today, I made a purchase and it crashed. But, it still charged my account!!! I had to jump through all kinds of hoops just to get a refund!!! I love this game, but if the kinks aren't fixed, I will delete it off my phone and tablet!!!!