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Cooking Tycoon is #1 extraordinary restaurant stimulation game that offers a perfect blend of kitchen cooking with restaurant building.

Cooking Tycoon delivers fresh new cooking experience alive with smiling customers, hundreds delicious ingredients and tasty dishes! Running a restaurant is loads of fun in this addicting game that is optimized for playing on-the-go. You’ll learn to take orders, grill patties, add toppings, and serve everything from burgers and fries to sushi and desserts to all of your crazy customers. Collect tips to make money to unlock new dishes and build more types of floors to attract more customers. Escape to the world of cooking, friends and fun now!

Game Features:
- 7 unique gourmet restaurants: Fast Food, French, Italian, Drink, Dessert, Japanese and Chinese
- Multitask between serving, grilling and stacking
- More than 40 dishes to cook using hundreds ingredients
- Stunning graphics and authentic sound effects

Cooking Tycoon APK reviews

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Michelle Norman review Michelle Norman
Good game until now!!
Deleted game and reinstalled after posting this review. Lost all my data. Not happy but will start again as like the game. This game is great, very addictive and fun. The only problem is it has now frozen on day 338 with all restaurants I currently have barr the latest one being on Auto. The latest one is closed purposely to make money on Auto mode. I need 2 more customers to serve to finish day but they don't turn up. Tried tapping superman, restarting app and phone. But nothing has worked. Please fix
Makayla Lloyd review Makayla Lloyd
Day 43
I really enjoy playing this game; unfortunately, I'm on day 43 and i keep waiting for my last customer but they never show and I can't restart the level. :( UPDATE: restarted the game and now on day 50 something and it froze yet again. Please fix this issue; I enjoy this game. There needs to be a level restart. Thanks!
Janet Lawler review Janet Lawler
Cooking tycoon
I would give a lower rating if possible. I loaded this game on to different phones. The first time I loaded it on the one phone the game got stuck on level 4 and nothing I could do to get it started again. Then I loaded it on my new phone and thought I would try again this time I am stuck on level six it just won't close out it did the same thing it did on the other phone that I loaded, just gets to the end of the game and it won't finish. Game freezes, and requests for help are ignored. Very frustrating.
zimin wong review zimin wong
So sad... I uninstall and reinstall the game.and the problem is still happening. The customer doesn't come. I played for 100++ days. Even i restarted my phone,the problem is still there. I don't want tk reinstall the game again. I hope that u can solve this problem as soon as possible. Please. I love this game so much.
Jennifer Reed review Jennifer Reed
Love this game, HOWEVER, I am only giving 2 stars because of the freezing
I have had to reinstall it twice because it keeps freezing on me. The food critic will come our and then that's it nothing else. The last time I lost 52 diminod and close to 6000 in cash. I will not reinstall again if it freezes....
Alix Carter review Alix Carter
Good game, 4 stars because I washed dishes and then the sound of scrubbing wouldn't go away. And this is a game where it's a lot easier to keep the volume up so you know if people need a waiter while you're cooking. Rather annoying sound lol.
I just wish there was a second game already.
The game is amazing
It is the most awesome cooking game I have ever played. It does have some petty problems but it is really good , don't take my word for it try it and you will love it. But I don't know why I only get 2 customers at once, my dad has at most 3 and some of the foods that are in the trophy room , I don't see them.
Heidi Schlipf review Heidi Schlipf
This sucks. I'm stuck on day 85! Have the critic guy sitting but no icon for waiter. Not cool :( fix it. Update: just installed this game again after a year thinking the bug was fixed.... nope! Now im stuck on day 43. The publishers seen to not care about the gamers and their issues with this game. What a shame
Hye Jin Park review Hye Jin Park
I don't normally write reviews because I always think they take up time, but I got out of my way to review this game. This game is really nice, in fact, I've downloaded this a tons of times now. This has been my third change of phones and I'd always forget the title of the game and I always scroll through those so many cooking games just to find this one. It may not have as much stars as the famous ones out there, this is still the best cooking game for me.
Liz Wiggins review Liz Wiggins
My only thought on improvement is that if someone needs to install it on a new phone, we should be able to have a restore option. I just had to buy a new phone and start all over, after getting to day 334.
Green Remedies review Green Remedies
I loved this game until day 70 where the food critic would come and nothing else would happen. The game is stuck and there is nothing I can do about it.
Chetarah Jordan review Chetarah Jordan
Everytime I get to level 21 and open my Italian restaurant the inspector come in but just sit there. No order or anything then I have to restart game from level 1. Why?
a b review a b
The game is quite good... But it is hanged right now,no customers are arriving and the level isn't getting over... What do I do..? Reply me...
petra kreidy review petra kreidy
Everything was great at first but i'm stuck at a level because a client doesn't want to come! They just left me hanging like that and so i can't move on. ?