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This free application enables you copy and export your phone contact(s) to a GSM SIM card. Good for contacts backup. It doesn't support dual sim card phones.

You can also use the app to manage your SIM contacts, e.g. erase/reset sim card in one click.

It is for phones with Android v2.x or higher. When copying to a SIM card, not all characters might be copied due to limitation of your SIM card.

It doesn't support dual SIM card.

Q: Why does it need INTERNET permission?
A: This is a free app, we need ads to support our work. You may choose our paid version which is ads free and doesn't need INTERNET permission.

Email [email protected] if any suggestions.

Copy to SIM Card APK reviews

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Vignesh Mothilal review Vignesh Mothilal
This app did what it say. Who have given 1 start do they expect this app to wash you're cloths?
Salman Badami review Salman Badami
It is useful and easy to use , good job thanks for this
J Blackmore review J Blackmore
Anothet waste of time
Why can it just copy contacts from sim to a file then a file to the new sime....pants
Peace Andquiet review Peace Andquiet
Was unable to copy anything, ui will not install
Himanshu Mandla review Himanshu Mandla
Worked what it says...
Alma Rodriguez review Alma Rodriguez
Alma Rodriguez
srees public review srees public
does vat it says
Christian Wallace review Christian Wallace
Easy to use. Gooooood job ;) thanks
Vinit Suryarao review Vinit Suryarao
Nice app
Shivam Baluni review Shivam Baluni
Best free app.
Without any hasstle. Do what other paid apps couldnt do !! Nice work done! ?
Toby Zhang review Toby Zhang
Working as intended
Quick and easy. Copied all my contacts in seconds.
Ganesh Nh review Ganesh Nh
Did the job
Very helpful, don't go by ratings
khileswar sahu review khileswar sahu
Very helpful app
On this app really the contact are copied to sim
Vaishnav Balachandran review Vaishnav Balachandran
Hated it.. Dont instal. Its fake
please Don't instal this app. it's fake... after copying app says its copied n showing in sim contacts. but actually it's not copied. after refreshing there will be no contacts in sim... fake... crap...
Chandru Sh review Chandru Sh
Very good
Good please use ,very usefull.Thank you