Crafting and Building APK

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Crafting and Building is a survival game where you are trying to survive in open world made out of cubes. Kill monsters with your crafted sword and armor mine resources in the world around you.

- Multiplayer
- Information about items / blocks
- Mining
- World Generation in real time
- Crafting
- Block placement
- Cubic World
- First person combat.
- Horses
- Pets

Crafting and Building APK reviews

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I Mar review I Mar
I hate it every time when I try to build a ad comes up I will only give you five stars when you take the ads out
Update please 0.17.0
Can you update version 0.17.0 it is wonderful
omegadragonmike g review omegadragonmike g
It works now
Now I can play minecraft +it has a wither with an epic wither fight and BEACONS
Karen Solorio review Karen Solorio
Fix it
I want to change my skin but it says unfortunately crafting and building has stopped. Can you please fix that. Thanks.
The pet loving freak review The pet loving freak
Me and my sister both have the game she has it on a Samsung note 5 and i have it on a G4 and it looks extremely different hers looks like an updated version i can not choose survival or creative and i cant choose my skin i cant choose anything...there are also no animals plz plz fix and i will rate 5 stars.
Madison Gafford review Madison Gafford
Please add and fix
Please add armor stands and please fix a bug that won't let me change my skin
Domingos Fernandes review Domingos Fernandes
Love it
Ppppppppllllllzzzzz add the end and the ender Dragon ppllzzz
Deirdre Tully review Deirdre Tully
It was so fun
olivia Sanders review olivia Sanders
Best thing in the world
somehow it updates itself
singer sister 1 review singer sister 1
This is exactly like pocket edition
charlieboy 666 review charlieboy 666
Good game
This is a great game. But i am having trouble getting it out of creative mode i have emailed the developer. I have unistalled cleared data and un sync. But still no joy. On my daughters phone which is older seems a more updated version. Mine is fully updated but still looks like an old version plz help. Would really like to play the multiplayer. Emailed developer nearly 2 weeks ago. Just want multiplyer on my samsung gs5
AlexFTW321 Gaming review AlexFTW321 Gaming
omg for this update IS THE WORST GAME EVER U PLAYED
carmen nieves review carmen nieves
Well, good overall...
I would love it for the next update that can you add in the Natural texture pack? It's my fav texture pack so I'd love it if you can add it.
Debbie Spencer review Debbie Spencer
Please make this
When u uninstall make it get rid of worlds please