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Get ready for a crafty new match 3 puzzle adventure! Join Candice, an apprentice candy witch, on a spellbinding journey through an enchanted land where candy grows on trees and chocolate is mined from mountains!

Help Candice as she travels the world, learning and mastering divine new recipes. But be on the lookout! Candice’s mischievous sister Trixie will do anything to slow her down!

Savor sweet success as you match colorful candies, solve perplexing puzzles, and craft your own scrumptious candy spells. Enjoy loads of fizzy, free fun—with more levels and features added all the time!

• Hundreds of sweet levels!
• Craft powerful potions by collecting delicious ingredients
• Savor tasty graphics and luscious animations
• Unlock new magic wands to cast spectacular spells
• Outwit the tricky witch, Trixie, in magical battles!
• Top the leaderboards and crush the competition!
• Candice’s sugary saga will keep you spellbound!

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Crafty Candy APK reviews

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Annie Atkinson review Annie Atkinson
Great fun!
Sammy B review Sammy B
Would have 5 stars but...
It freezes on me! I downloaded it a few hours ago & it froze on me twice. Fix the bug & I'll fix my stars.
Nicholas Jones review Nicholas Jones
An expensive time waster
Great game for anybody looking to waste real money buying 'gold' to complete a level of daftness
Amber Watson review Amber Watson
Awesome game!!!finally a game that my kids and I can enjoy playing together!!!great graphics!!music could be better but the kids love it is all that matters
Constance Dunnigan review Constance Dunnigan
Kind of like Candy Crush
Dionn'a Kaffka review Dionn'a Kaffka
Great Game !!!!
Cindi Figurelli review Cindi Figurelli
Lots of fun!
Lucia Lucioni review Lucia Lucioni
Crafty candy
A very addictive game I love it
Amanda Archbold review Amanda Archbold
Kamaljeet Kour review Kamaljeet Kour
Loved it
Its so nice game and more levels
Victoria Peacock review Victoria Peacock
level 325 bug
totally addicted and love this game. BUT!! I'm currently stuck on level 325. I beat it twice but the game freezes. The first time I thought it was my phone, but it did the exact same thing the second time. The very last move when you win, it will freeze. I can still back out of the game, but I can't move any pieces. It just stops... *make that 4 times now
Ananth kumar review Ananth kumar
It's awsome
I liked it
Jonas Tingmose review Jonas Tingmose
Great game. Don't like the new look
EDIT: -2 stars. Eew, I do NOT like the redux of the characters. They were cute and perky before, but these new ones are just too...uncharismatic. That smile on the new protagonist is horrifyingly mainstream, boring and Colgate, and her face is non-descript and bland. And that new cat is a nightmare. EDIT: I tried, but I just can't look at her stupid face, and her over-the-top teenager-like posing and jumping about anymore. Not playing this anymore. Sad. Otherwise, most interesting match-3 game.
Hallie King review Hallie King
You can't help but feel happy with all the dancing cheering on!! Even when I get stuck on a level. I haven't even thought to delete.That's saying ALOT! ?????
Michelle Eperjesi review Michelle Eperjesi
Love this game!! Please make more like this one. Soon please and Ty.
Interesting,keeps me coming back. Not so hard tho u cant enjoy but hard Enuff that its a challenge! Boosters are awesome. And getting a bonus everyday,even more awesome! Coin isn't so outrageously expensive that if u want to continue a game cause ur"that close",u can do so without depleting everything in one shot like in other games! (JUICE JAM,BIGGEST RIP OFF ON GOOGLE PLAY! !!!!) ?? Also,,,love ur special events games,although wish they were more often. Your actually AWARDED DECENT WINNINGS!! ??

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