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Crazy Dentist - Fun games
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Everyone does not like to go to this dentist's office because there is a crazy dentist in it.
How crazy is the dentist, you can come to try it!

Crazy Dentist - Fun games APK reviews

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Stampycat fan review Stampycat fan
royal racks review royal racks
Hate it
This game is trash
Suhas Kumar review Suhas Kumar
Super macha
Hampton Leary review Hampton Leary
Love it
It is one of the best games I've ever played
Alisha Johnson review Alisha Johnson
Nevaeh Johnson
Nevaeh Johnson
Its funny. I like to play it.Its easy to play.I just loved it...........You all must download this game.Then only you know
Well once you finish all right levels the whole game is done. soooooo!!!? Its not the best dentistry game I've played
Loved it
Your stupid comment is annoying and pls remove the ads
Absolutely awful adds crazines disgusting:-(:O
Zack Rosa review Zack Rosa
It was better before
dr shabna najeeb review dr shabna najeeb
It is a good game
jnnfr5 review jnnfr5
I wanna play the crazy dentist. Not flappy bird over and over again because I keep picking the wrong box to get the tool that I need to continue! And it's not like I'm failing the mini games either; I'm passing them but I have to gamble which prize I receive. This game is pointless and the title is misleading.
Hiba Abouhouli review Hiba Abouhouli
I hate it
I does not work and gave my phone a virus i cant even open it up without it saying please try again do not install it it will just be a waste of gigabyte and Ill give your phone a virus. if you're looking for a game to install this is not the right one if you installed it already I would uninstall if I were you. fix the game please whoever invented it and if you don't then it's going to stay with the one star I rated it a game that I would really recommend you to play is don't tap the white tiles instead
Jane Doe review Jane Doe
Boring and to many adds
I can't ever play the hole game wih out adds poping up and then poting a keyboard on the game and I can't get my tools to work on the people's mouths so that is the problem and it only has 8 people to work on so it is complete boring.
Jaunita Swenson review Jaunita Swenson
Way to many things to unlock
Takes way to long to do one thing u r always having to play a mini game to unlock the thing u need DON'T GET IT WASTE OF TIME