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scratchgolfer12 review scratchgolfer12
Love this game
The people are so entertaining to watch
Afiqin Nazifa review Afiqin Nazifa
I can spend my whole day with this game. It become much fun when this game have 2 part (i dont know what to call it). But seriously. I enjoy play this game. And it has been more than 2 year i've play this game. Thanks a lot. Hello. Pls add the midnight madness level more. ???
Peggy Castellanoz review Peggy Castellanoz
So so FUN
I love this game but it not the same. But still fun
T Kay review T Kay
Lovin' It!!
I am so addicted to this game! Evn whn im waitin the 24 hours for the next level recipe, i go bac n play the past levels tryna get 3stars to past the time!
Linda Huckaby review Linda Huckaby
It's a thought-provoking, fun game. Be on your toes to play the levels. The one thing you don't get on some of the levels is how to play the levels. I really ran into the problem after level 60.
Jennifer Skaggs review Jennifer Skaggs
Like it!
Kuya Powee review Kuya Powee
To hard
I have been saying these types of game for quite some time. In this game someone gives you a feeling that you have to buy power ups just so you could progress in the game it's a bit too hard.
Lois Ann review Lois Ann
Gets my mind to calculate and strategize to achieve an objective win? Finding & deciding which patterns, in pictures traced, will add the most numbers is wonderful. Am slightly dyslexic, love numbers, and this game feed creative strategic pathways into thought processes throughout my day
Philomena Meyer review Philomena Meyer
Crazy Kitchen
Well was about uninstall the game after playing it day in and day out were it wasn't any fun. But finally figured out how to beat it. You don't have to give the answers but should have a hint box or something on a few of them. Cause I am not sure if I hadn't thought of what was going on I would have kept playing. So I can only give it a 3 star. SORRY
Thelma Tartt review Thelma Tartt
Just got back on board. Played this game over a year ago. Was up to level 69 or so. but I'm on again just having fun. Try it you may like it.
Charlotte T. review Charlotte T.
It was good until... ...
Before i updated the app, i couldnt even enter the game, it stayed on the loading page and got no where. After i updated it, the game would not even connect to my facebook, even after restarting the game and my phone it still didnt work. Disappointing that it doesnt work anymore, I've waited and tried it for the last 2 days. If i cant play a game on the go, then its pointless having or even playing it. Gonna delete it, sorry Crazy Kitchen, you were good while you lasted.
Kathleen Chausse review Kathleen Chausse
Fun match game
I like that you can move diagonally to make a match. You get great graphics on the completions and lots of sound effects . This is a great time waster.
Carlos J. Colon Alsina review Carlos J. Colon Alsina
Since I changed to a ZTE cell the game froze and I have to deleted and install it again, that never happened before.
problem with the game in my new zte 9518
I love the game
Amber Sogol review Amber Sogol
Love itt
This game is very fun and time consuming it would be a 5 star but it has too many advertisements!! But it is highly recommended ???