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The future for creators: CreatoRanch is a marketplace and a social network

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Offers Free
Version 1.2.1
Developer CreatoRanch
Category Apps, Art & Design
ID com.creatoranch
Requirements 5.0 and up

CreatoRanch 1.2.1 APK description

CreatoRanch™ is a marketplace and a social network in one easy-to-use environmentally-friendly app that’s open to all without gatekeeping.

Creator, curator, or collector? Stake your claim in the new creator economy on CreatoRanch, the first and only platform to combine a creation marketplace with a social network in one app built specifically for you!

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CreatoRanch is open. There are no gatekeepers deciding who is a creator and what is a creation. The community decides. A community where you can exercise your digital reach directly in the CreatoRanch marketplace without relying on external social media.

CreatoRanch is easy-to-use, and if you are familiar with social media you will quickly understand how to navigate, post, list creations, and transact using US Dollars.
CreatoRanch uses the green Tezos blockchain to quickly and inexpensively mint and transact. You can feel good about it!

How does it work?

As a creator, you post your creations - art, music, photography, video, anything - and your followers repost them, proliferating your content across the CreatoRanch network generating interest and building anticipation. You then list your creations for sale for as little as $1 and specify a royalty to collect each time your creations resell. Payment on the primary sale and secondary royalties happen automatically!

As a collector, you buy creations using US Dollars, without needing a digital wallet. You can then trade by listing and selling, buying other creations, and so on.

As a gallerist or curator, you are welcome to CreatoRanch where there are built-in capabilities for compensating your partners. When a creator designates you as a curator of a creation and the creation sells, the payment is split and paid automatically based on the prearranged percentages. CreatoRanch is expanding the creator economy to include valued partnerships to be sure everyone is compensated quickly and fairly.
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Download (45.79 MB)

Latest change log:

- added possibility to add numbers in names
- post view now shown if click on media in the feed
- fixed crashes on Android latest version
- fixed bug with adding bio
- fixed bug with incorrect curator fee shown in notifications
- fixed bug with listing inputs
- fixed bug with swipe on suggested feed
- fixed bug with empty avatar on profile
- fixed bug with post refresh if enter from notifications

Other version

Version Arch OS Updated
1.2.1 (3 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2022-05-14 (6 days ago)
1.2.0 (2 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2022-04-08 (1 month ago)
1.1.8 (2 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2022-01-27 (3 months ago)
1.1.7 (2 variants) Universial Android 5.0+ 2021-12-29 (4 months ago)
1.1.5 Universial Android 5.0+ 2021-12-10 (5 months ago)