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Tool for lawyers & law students in the criminal law field.

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Version 4.800
Developer Dealegal
Category Apps, Education
Requirements 8.0

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A Realistic Criminal Judge Simulator that can be a useful tool for lawyers & law students in the criminal law field.
Crimes can be organized in 39 main categories, which represent the Main classification of the crimes.
Every main category has a set of sub-categories which represent the Secondary classification of the crimes.
Each Sub-category is based on a specific law, while a law can be related to many sub-categories.
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Every crime has a legal description, and a primary Punishment.
A primary Punishment can be Fine or/and one of the following punishments:
- Liberty Prohibitive Punishment,
- Liberty Restrictive Punishment,
- Rights Prohibitive Punishment,
- Confiscation Proceedings,
- Capital punishment.
A crime may have an Additional Punishment.
The two Liberty Punishments could have a Time Range of of Liberty Deprivation between a minimum and a maximum, determined by the Law which gives the judge, a discretionary power to choose between them. The unit could be 1 day, 1 month or 1 year, depending on the length of time.
A Fine could also have a monetary Range between two specific amounts, determined by the Law. The judge is able to consider the suitable amount between these two limits.
A crime must also have a Punishment Classification (Felony, Infamous misdemeanor, Misdemeanor, Infraction).
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