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NO CA NO FPS - Crisis Action is well known as the best eSports shooting game, players can enjoy diverse counter strike classic modes. Besides various weapons and maps to choose from, you can also create your exclusive map in create mode. Join Crisis Action now, DOWNLOAD for Free!
*Reminder: Join online & offline tournaments to win big reward, power your clan!

---- Game Features ----
★100% CS Maps, Call Bros to Play Classic Modes
These 100% replicated classic maps will wake up your memories of CS! Massive online multiplayers fighting on mobile with advanced technology that lets you consume less mobile data in real-time matches! Build your own clan for free & kill the enemy whenever and wherever! Invite your friends to play, friends should be share!
★Grand Version Update, Login to Get Daily Free Gifts
New update with new interests, bio parkour mode let you experience different battles. Chasing your prey, or escaping the hunter? Check out this new thrilling mode. Daily bonus in create mode, login to get daily free creative materials, build your own map! Don’t also miss the bonus time!
★200+ Powerful Weapons, Customize Your Exclusive Roles
CA provide more than 200 kinds of powerful guns & weapons for you, including rifle, submachine guns, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifle and even a magic bow! At the same time there are more than 20 kinds of roles to be chosen and customize with fancy props. Show your personality!
★Join Fair Tournaments, Win Big Prize with Skills
Online & offline FPS e-Sports tournaments will be held in 2017, countless rewards and meaningful glory for the most skilled winners! Players of all levels can join the tournament. Competition will be based on your level thereby fairer and with more rewards.
-----The Gameplay-----
- Bio parkour mode: Hurry up! Chase your prey, or escape from the hunters.
- Create mode: Use your imagination to create an exclusive map, be the designer!
- Multiplayer mode: Enemies help you to improve your shooting skills.
- Team mode: Friends should fight together, invite your friends to join us now!
- Hide & Seek mode: Challenge your senses, can you find anything unusual?
- Zero gravity mode: Needs more skills? Find the highest point, be a sniper.
- Up to 5V5 multiplayers battle mode, fair fight!
- Use less mobile data in real-time matches.
- Variety of guns & weapons for the different shooting modes: AK47, AWP, P90, etc.
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★Crisis Action needs to access to its data files stored on the device, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions must be granted before first-time logging into the game.

Crisis Action: NO CA NO FPS APK reviews

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Dreedtz review Dreedtz
I Have a Problem
I Buy 18 Diamond and it's Succes but My Diamond Is Decrease , Before i Buy it my diamond is About 1369(i forgot how many but it about 1,3K)and after i buy my diamond Is 1284. pls Help !!!
Projekx Band review Projekx Band
So many hackers.
Pls guard your games GM..dont just take pple your job as many cheating player on this game..i hope you fix this game.fuker GM..MANYY HACKERSSS N BUG
DeWynter review DeWynter
Not really bad at all
Well, i like the gameplay of the game. but sadly this game is kinda pay-to-win. powerful weapons is only for VIP's and non VIP players can only get them from daily reward or lucky slot. thats all i think, but you team do a good job at all!
Meo Delapena review Meo Delapena
Good game but
Ill played it since january 2016 its so addictive but now ive stuck up at "checking for the new update" please fix this my guns is all at ultimate lvl please fix it as soon as possible and ill rate it 5 star
Silver Speeder review Silver Speeder
Not bad
How about if you add auto boot host? When all player are ready and host didn't start within 10 seconds,he automatically get boot or change host to other player.
HeavenMixx review HeavenMixx
This Game Cool but..
Well can u please add the 'Red demon' and the 'Red Wolf' Sniper at Medium pack.I want one of the both sniper unlimited at my account.Thats all,I Still support u Hero Games.Keep it Up ??.
not ur average contents review not ur average contents
Dear Hero Games, I do not know Why But my account got locked in Savior server. I did not hack Crisis Action as I do not know how to. But then your server locked me out. Now I cant play with my friends. I am Lvl 43 and have spent $55+ on that account. Can you pls unlock back my account. My Gamertag is Imraan128
Mochamad Dzaki review Mochamad Dzaki
Yeah, newest update make it can't be opened. Just blank black screen, and words "Crisis Action unfortunately has stoped"
FAZMY Jr review FAZMY Jr
Crisis Action
PLEASE FIX !. After The Latest Update I Cant Open My Game Anymore. After I Save Where My Character Is, It Will Loading Too Long. So Now I Cant Play My Crisis Action Anymore. Please Fix Em ! Then I Will Give You 5 Star
Akmal Azim review Akmal Azim
Fvck this game! You said this game was no cheating anymore. But too many people use wall hack to win the game. Please blacklist those stupid hacker!
Edmund Selong review Edmund Selong
Great game... But.......
Make yr game hack proof.... An extreme idea?... Make it detect all hacking tools, rooting aps in the users fon and bar the game from opening it.... Would have gave you a 5 stars but when playing this great game besides CSGo... There are bloody idiots in it who can shoot through walls...!!!! Fix that makes the game less enjoyable... Update 07.11.2016... After update stuck at entering game page... What the hell... !!!!
jasper velasco review jasper velasco
Please bring back the old one.. this new version cant run in my phone.. its still crashing
Rudolf John Evangelista review Rudolf John Evangelista
please help
hello hero games and to the developer of this game. i recently updated my crisis action app in google play after i finished updating i opened up this game and i choose the server where my characters is saved after that it was takikg so long to enter the game. can you please explain what seem to be the problem. i really wanted to play now :(
Hadi Fikri review Hadi Fikri
I really love this game most .but when i update ,it says unfortunately crisis acrtion has stopped.please fix this.i already spent much my money to this game
Asyraf Mansor review Asyraf Mansor
Game guardian is powerfool havk tool.. I realy hate when i found player hack.... Now i lv 79 and vip 4 but i lose with player lv 20+... Sometime hack player can hide wall... I realy like this game but the hack is the problem.... So please fix it...