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Critical Ops is a 3D MULTIPLAYER FPS designed exclusively for mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills are essential to success.
Are you ready for the most skill-based mobile FPS?

Critical Ops is a first-person shooter that features competitive combat through beautifully crafted maps and challenging game modes. Battle it out alongside your band of brothers or lead an individual scoreboard. When duty calls, you must answer! Will you fight as a member of Coalition or The Breach?

The outcome is determined by your skills and your strategy. Offering no in-app purchases that give competitive advantages, we guarantee a FAIR-TO-PLAY scene! Master a variety of weapons and improve your shooting skills by competing in intense PvP gameplay. Competitive ranked games pit you against other similarly skilled operatives. While playing, you will learn new mechanics and gain knowledge, allowing you to evolve as a player.

Go SOCIAL! Build your dream team and invite your friends to join your clan. Host private matches and organize tournaments to win prizes. You are strong by yourself but stronger as a team.

Critical Ops expands the world of esports onto mobile platforms. Join our VIBRANT ESPORT SCENE and gain a reputation for YOU and your team.

The game currently features three challenging game modes:

Two teams, two goals! One team trying to plant and defend the bomb until detonation, the other one trying to defuse it. Dominate the battlefield!

Two opposing teams battle it out in a timed deathmatch. Make each bullet count!

Two teams fight against each other, with individual players working their own way through all the weapons in the game. Gear Up!

Play the game how you like through our matchmaking:

Play all the available game modes in quick, matchmade games with operatives of similar skill level.

Operatives compete for points and secure their rank through victory in a competitive matchmade adaptation of Defuse. Climb to the top of the ladder!

The classic way of playing Critical Ops, join or host a room of any of the available game types, enable a password to host private rooms.

Regular updates improve game performance, unlock new game modes, features and skins to personalize the experience for you as a player. Critical Ops is and always will be a FREE-TO-PLAY game. Purchases are purely cosmetic.

Download now and join the Critical Ops community!

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Logan Krause review Logan Krause
You've done it.
As of V: I found this game a good time ago in the search for the ultimate FPS on mobile, and this is it. The best. With only four maps and two game modes, I can /still/ tell that you've focused on quality game play on map design. Graphics are beautiful as well. You've managed to implement ads without completely selling out to them. Nerf the SG, damn it. I know there is more to come and I'm excited for it. Don't let your momentum of growth cloud your judgment. Thank you for the game. - Dedric444
Jack Goddard review Jack Goddard
Please could you consider adding knives like the flippy ones. Also would love to see another game mode like protecting the hostage. Maybe add a thing in to make/place traps.
Cow June Wing review Cow June Wing
Pls fix
Every time I join a match, it will kick me out. A message pops up stating time out disconnect. My internet connection is stable so is my ping at around 50-100. Pls fix ASAP.
chasedough916 p review chasedough916 p
It's a good team multi-player game. good wifi recommended . Different weapon classes . Easy and simple
Tan Xuan Lin review Tan Xuan Lin
Shop disappear?
After update,I don't know why my shop disappear, its just show get free credit,please fix this and i will rate 5 stars
Ali Akbarzade review Ali Akbarzade
As good as an console game!
I love it but why I get no credits for playing?! Only missions?! Give us more reasons to play! Love the new update but why does the audios go off sometimes?! and let us play it on offline and online private matches with friends. And give more daily missions to get more game credit. who is responsible for the recent lag in gameplay. people keep teleporting!!!
Grapplesauce review Grapplesauce
Still unplayable
Aim assist needs to be tweaked out, 100% gets annoying very annoying. I dont enjoy getting sniped across the map, or not a bullet misses me, even across walls and from far away, with recoil might i add, it still happens where i am lit up by a weapon that dosent have that good of accuracy. Just, at least make it so people who host games to make the ability of aim assist to be off or for it to be usable. Pls.
By QriVe review By QriVe
I'd needs better performance, and kill cam's, other then that it's pretty descent.
Icee 2 review Icee 2
Its great and well developed game. Now i dont know if its me being a noob but ive been playing this for a while and dont have and points or crates,
TimothyAndJames review TimothyAndJames
Cool game, but....
PLEASE ADD BOTS PLEASE. And make them act like cs bots cause in cs portable they sucked and i dont like it. And add offline mod. Why no add bots on new update :( would be good to add bots in multiplayer for the rooms with less players. And add Some CT SHIELDS cause gign has a shield. And my game is still lagging
Najmi Solehin review Najmi Solehin
Add more maps and gun double the taps and fun
You must add more gun and maps the maps no need to be so flashy at least there place to duck and hide and make a map that for sniper only must be popular and the gun type you forget machine guns it will be cool also smg shotgun and sniper needs more weapon and if you can add more type of gun it be awsome i guess.
Kimbo review Kimbo
Pls add more maps and increase mission quest to 5. It's fun with quest but 3 is too little
Alfredo Venturina review Alfredo Venturina
Needs server customization.
Like disable guns, auto buy and more. but DON'T add the weapon customization cuz many hackers use it
Red Rubi review Red Rubi
Need more weapons and maps and fixed bugs
SO i love this game i would almost spend 9 hours playing this game but 1 thing u need to fix is the critical error cause its so annoying everytime i want to play specially when my friends are in my house its kills the fun so pls.. Also add more of this or just add it on the game weapons,maps,snipers,free for all and lastly Free skins. ANYkind of skin bad or good atleast u gave a skin pls reply to this if it is a good idea or no
try loar review try loar
The new update makes it impossible for me to play in loved this game but not I can't even get past the loading screens.
It takes literally 5 min just to load the game and to get into a lobby is impossible because the loading time takes a freakin year. I have a regular player of this I played it like everyday for hours pls fix this. I put money in this game and would like to go back to playing it. I read some more reviews and it sounds like I'm not the only one haveing problems with the new update.