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2.4.3 · Severex

Logic crosswords will get you into some really awesome brain training!

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Version 2.4.3
Developer Severex
Category Games, Word
ID com.severex.cross.word.puzzle.logic
Requirements 7.0

Crostic-Puzzle Word Games 2.4.3 APK description

Up for some brain games and mental workout?
We’ve got a perfect brain-training machine for you here! Just like your favorite Figgerits game! The Crostic app will get you hooked on cross word puzzles! These awesome word puzzle games can train brain muscles like you wouldn't believe, if you keep solving one crossword after another.

Crostic has lots and lots of dazzling and challenging logic puzzles to decipher, hidden proverbs to find, famous quotes to read, secret words to decode, and more! Playing Crostic word games is a perfect way to spend your relaxing time-off with friends and family!
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Crostic-Puzzle Word Games latest version

Want to know what else you’ll find in the Crostic brain games?
Crostic doesn’t have your typical old school cross word puzzles with just a plain text which can get kind of boring after a while. None of it here. Yes, our logic puzzles have a classic figgerits style but they’ve been created with the cutest graphics and special effects that will blow your mind!

Awesome game’s features:
- Great crossword games that can get easier to play with word search
- Basic Classic mode and more easier Relax mode with completely unique levels to have a great time
- Hidden proverbs, fascinating quotes, witty historical facts, etc.
- Endless challenging & dazzling word puzzles to solve with friends for fun
- All kinds of difficulty levels from easy to complex
- Mind-captivating logic word puzzles & text brain teasers
- Awesomely user friendly & intuitive game’s interface
- 4 NEW daily goals with every new gameplay
- Winning points are credited once you accomplish each daily goal successfully
- The more points you score, the further ahead you’re going to be from other players on the leaderboard. It’s not a secret!

Crostic crossword puzzles work perfectly for learning how to find and follow clues to start decrypting lots of mind-dazzling and figgerits like word cryptograms easily. Never tried it before? Not a problem! Our game will let you pick a level to get you all set for the most relaxing figgerits gaming experience.

Some easy steps to follow and decipher word puzzles like a pro:
- Match letters with numbers
- Move letters right into solution dashes
- Make sure each letter matches the correct number
- Fill the dashes in the wordlist
- Solve as many puzzles as you can with definitions
- Complete each level easily!
- Complete 4 daily goals, then complete additional topics
and break into the lead!

Play Crostic crossword puzzles and fuel your brain with power, train logic, and boost your dopamine level. Spread the word about Crostic brain games and play with friends to let them have fun too!
Get your brain tickled and teased with these awesome classic figgerits word search games with a modern twist and dive into some of the most addicting gaming experiences ever.
Are you ready to rock these nifty crosswords?
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Download (33.05 MB)

Latest change log:

Hello! We have updated our game to make it even more enjoyable for you!
In this update:
1. Game performance optimization
2. Updated levels
3. Fixed bugs
Our team reads all reviews to make the game better. Please feel free to share your feedback with us or suggest any improvements.
Have fun and train your brain with Crostic!

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Version Arch OS Updated
2.4.3 (3 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_20907434.apk Android 7+ 2023-04-27 (1 month ago)
2.4 Universial Android 7+ 2023-04-04 (1 month ago)
2.3 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_20841745.apk Android 7+ 2023-03-27 (2 months ago)
2.2 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_20841745.apk Android 7+ 2023-03-02 (3 months ago)
1.9 (2 variants) Bundles arm64_v8a_20841745.apk Android 7+ 2023-02-08 (3 months ago)