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"Cytus II" is a music rhythm game created by Rayark Games. It's our fourth rhythm game title, following the footsteps of three global successes, "Cytus", "DEEMO" and "VOEZ". This sequel to "Cytus" brings back the original staff and is a product of hardwork and devotion.

In the future, humans have redefined internet development and connections. We can now easily sync the real world with the internet world, changing life as we have known for thousands of years.

In the mega virtual internet space cyTus, there exists a mysterious DJ legend Æsir. His music has an irresistible charm; people fall madly in love with his music. Rumor has it that every note and beat of his music hits the audiences in
the depths of their souls.

One day, Æsir, who had never shown his face before, suddenly announced that he will be holding the first mega virtual concert —— Æsir-FEST and will invite a top idol singer and a popular DJ as opening performances. The instant the ticket sales began, an unprecedented rush occurred. Everyone wanted to see Æsir's real face.

On the day of the FEST, millions of people were connected to the event. At one hour before the event started, the previous world record for most simultaneous connection was smashed. The whole city was on its feet, waiting for Æsir to descent from the skies...

Game Features:
- The unique "Active Judgement Line" rhythm game playstyle
Tap the notes as the judgement line hits them to achieve a high score. Through five different kinds of notes and the judgement line that actively adjusts its speed according to the beat, the gameplay experience is further combined with the music. Players can easily immerse themselves in the songs.

- A total of 60+ high-quality songs (30 in base game, 30+ as IAP)
The game includes songs by composers from all across the world, Japan, Korea, the US, Europe, Taiwan and more. Through the characters, players get to play songs from different genres including but not limited to: electronic, rock and classical. We are confident that this game will live up to the hype and expectations.

- Over 180 different charts
Over 180 different charts designed, from easy to hard. The rich game content can satisfy players of different levels. Experience exciting challenges and enjoyment through the sensation of your fingertips.

- Explore the virtual internet world with the game's characters
The one-of-a-kind story system "iM" will lead the players and the in-game characters to slowly piece together the story and world behind "Cytus II". Reveal the truth of the story with a rich, cinematic visual experience.

Cytus II APK reviews

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James Austin review James Austin
Ive always been a fan of Cytus, and Cytus II is such an improvement upon an original idea. The controls are smooth, the songs are amazing, the graphics are pleasing, and the old feeling of getting a Million Master rank stil holds true. There is nothing wrong with this game. Absolute favorite.
Kwazi4 review Kwazi4
I love this game. Enjoyed it so much and can't help but wish you guys to create a music album for this. Buying all the other characters was worth it, and Cherry's songs instantly became my favorite. I do hope you guys could update the rest of the story in Cherry's part though :) but I will wait for that to happen, hopefully soon. Thank you for creating such a wonderful game, as what I expected from creators of Deemo and the previous Cytus I. All in all, the whole game is fantastic and U would definitely recommend it to anyone <3 ^_^
Nico Pratama review Nico Pratama
A Sequel of Cytus, version II. Great as always. Cytus I was really awesome back at that time and now this Cytus II just as awesome as 2018 rhythm games. Even the gameplay are identical, I could feel really different experience to a next level (maybe because adding flick and super long note made those a lot difference). The graphic are really awesome. I really liked the theme and all the details are really awesome. But I got an issue. I'm using Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with Snapdragon 625 but I'm experiencing frame drop when holding notes, maybe still unoptimized for android. Rayark should fix unoptimized graphic this because for mid range processor like SD 625 should not experience frame drop, at least give us an option to reduce graphic quality. The music and the charts are really awesome as always. I really enjoyed them.
ZethStar Steven review ZethStar Steven
The game itself is amazing don't get me wrong, but everytime I play it it just completely wrecks my game performance because of the effects, espescially long slide chain. So I have a request to please add in the function of disabling effects. That would improve the gaming performance on a lower-end phone way more. That aside, this game is pretty much perfect. Really catchy songs and quite a intuitive gameplay. Nice job Rayark!
Mart Sevi review Mart Sevi
One word: ASTONISHING!!! The game is perfectly built but there are flaws also... 1. The app can't be moved into External Storage. 2. The gameplay slighly drops fps especially on the hold note. Much better if there is a gfx settings from low to high or maybe optimize the game even further. 3. The phone heats up real quick. 4. The hit sounds won't work sometimes like every 4 taps or more then the hit sound wont work then 4 taps again vice versa. That's all I can say for now. Great job on the 2nd Cytus.
Zer0plays _ review Zer0plays _
Omg I love the game! It's color and art is just amazing and the music to back it up is awesome. Now Rayark, if you really do read this please for my sake. Thank everyone on the team. They all did a great job and honestly the story is 20x better then any Last of us or triple A game out there. It's a master peice of game and I will always support you! Only complant from me is the desync of the song and notes on some songs. Which is expected because it is new to andriod but please fix (is rare to happen but it does occur)
myon ymon review myon ymon
Nice game overall. Well, it's from Rayark, afterall. But, isn't the price for 1 character a bit too high? I've spent money on other Rayark games so I don't mind spending money on games. I know there's cost and needs actual effort to make songs and it's completely fine for people to pay for it but maybe, just maybe, the price is too high for the new characters/genres. Still, this is a good game. Maybe give a demo or preview for some of the songs from the locked characters at a certain time so I know what type of songs I'll be paying for. Still worth 5 stars because the base game price is really cheap and even without the paid dlc characters, the game's still amazing.
John Smith review John Smith
Absolutely amazing, really great game, definitely a great addition to the legacy of Rayark's rhythm games. Gameplay is solid, reminiscent of old Cytus with some new elements added here and there. The story is much more immersive, with multiple characters as opposed to Deemo's progression with one main character. One tiny comment though: the colours are absolutely impossible to distinguish when the bar is going up and down for colourblind me. It was easier in old Cytus with the white background, but I feel that the colours don't stand out enough against the black canvas here.
Erik Isip review Erik Isip
Great game works on Nexus5x w/ 4core patch. Feels like a console/arcade game rather than a mobile game very well made. Initial launch though was kinda slow took a solid 2-3mins I thought it wasn't going to work. It also crashed the first time but was able to play it afterwards did 3 songs no worries so far. If I could suggest though it would be nice if we could change the tap fx to different sounds that we could pair to different songs or customize different tap fx for single press, swipe, and hold. You could even charge for that feature. Anyways good game.
A B review A B
Some notes fail to register on my Galaxy Note 4 device. In addition, I've had a crash right after enabling the file access permission, but a reboot solved it. The writing is pretty interesting so far, by the way. Overall, once the bugs get sorted out, it'll be a solid five. As a side note, it'd be neat to get a "performance mode" option for the lower-end/older phones, kind of like Implosion's multiple graphic options.
Brin Prince review Brin Prince
It is more beautiful than I imagined! I already bought all the new characters!! There seems to be a small issue though. I payed for my characters on my Tablet, I turned on the Cloud so the progress could transfer to my phone, but unfortunately, I cannot play Xenon, ConneR, or Cherry on my phone, even if it is synced. It transferred the progress and not my characters, and when I click on them, it tells me I already bought them. What do I do?
Jeralyn Estrella review Jeralyn Estrella
I love cyTus II since the first cytus was released! But I have an issues that it lags so much when I tap all the notes. I don't know if it's the line I tap the note too late or very thin or not really visible enough to see if you really did think you tap the notes at the same time with the scanning line. Also,I have no problem with the quality graphics and it's color. It's beautiful! Rayark, please fix the scanning line and the lag. I really want to play it smoothly and I want to play it forever! Thank you and for your hard work
Elena Moniaga review Elena Moniaga
Define perfection: cytus II. I played the first cytus when I was a child (not having my own gadget) borrowing my cousin's. When I grow up and finally can play from my own gadget, I find the first cytus' interface horrible (comparing it with voez & deemo) so I end up playing the other rythm game instead. But now!!!thank you for making cytus II with beautiful artwork, catchy songs, nice story, aesthetic interface, great sound effect, and so on. All of it for a cheap price as addition. Pardon my crappy English, sending my gratitude for cytus team for making my day✨
Kohi Taffy review Kohi Taffy
I've been playing Cytus for a while now and I've gotta say this sequel is awesome! Amazing tap effects with no lag and I love the way the albums are set out but yikes $13+ for another album? I'll pass. I can buy the game for 4 of my friends with that. I also really like how you can hear bits of songs from the first game from example: Slit in Resurrection and Saika + Hard Drive in Chaos. Great game, keep up the good work! ? I'd buy the third game if it ever came out.
Toh Yue-Sheng review Toh Yue-Sheng
This game is so good I think it's worth a review. Song selection is great, the cutscene visuals are awesome, even the tap graphics looks good with the neon vibe. It's even updated to support 18:9 screen on Pixel 2 XL, so thumbs up. A shortcoming though is the steep price to unlock more songs/characters. The cost is a bit too high to be justified for a mobile game- maybe some price adjustments would be good. However, objectively, looking at just the game itself without the DLC, it's definitely the best music game i have played so far on mobile. Rayark never fails to disappoint!