Daddy Long Legs APK

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Daddy Long Legs — the endless walker on stilts.

Take “control” of a little, hairy creature. Put one leg in front of the other and try not to fall.
Now you can play as either Daddy or Horse, and unlock costumes that makes walking look fabulous!

The goal of Daddy Long Legs is very simple, walk as far as you can. But, with legs five times longer than the rest of your body, walking is no easy task. Simply tap the screen to change leg and watch as Daddy Long Legs stumbles across the screen.

Also includes:
- Play as both Daddy and Horse
- Pick up gifts and unlock cool new costumes
- Ingame highscore against friends
- Global highscore
- Daily highscore
- Replay of your walk with Everyplay (on supported devices)
- Realistic faceplants

Daddy Long Legs is for gamers that like a hard challenge and a cheap laugh. The game is weirdly rewarding and it just feels fabulous every time you set that new record.

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Daddy Long Legs APK reviews

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Candace Tobin review Candace Tobin
OK well the title seems inappropriate but it's a good game. Sometimes there are adds but if u restart the game it will go away. AWESOME GAME ??✌?
Hazel uchida review Hazel uchida
Fun but gets boring
It's a good game but it can get boring after a while because the gameplay is repetitive
Jackie Reynolds review Jackie Reynolds
I love this game but I get mad sometimes cuz im right there next to da present and i fall??but its pretty awesome
paul busby review paul busby
O my gosh bbbbrrrrooooo
This is the best gane ever it is challenging at first, but it gets essayer not to mention your costumes
Jacqueline Cook review Jacqueline Cook
This game is fun and challenging and I keep on playing to beat my high score and I like to get gifts! At least in my opinion...
Mangle 2.0 review Mangle 2.0
I can't put it down its so addictive!! Though one request. Can you guys give horse four legs? He is too hard.
Sammy Chahin review Sammy Chahin
The best!
This game is cute,fun,and addictive! It's an awesome game.
Aubri Mason review Aubri Mason
Good, but..
It's amazing, but horse is almost impossible for me. Maybe add a tutorial for that mode?
Hayden Alexander review Hayden Alexander
This is awsome
It is an awesome game. There are no problems im a ware of. One of the best on games on phone and tablet. ?? thumbs up. 100/100!!!
Thomas Mayer review Thomas Mayer
Absolutely fantastic
I love this game. I've been around since day one with you guys. It's such a simple, fun, addictive game! I love the quirky little costumes you guys have added, and the new character Horse. I love this game! :)
Yoshi Master review Yoshi Master
Great game
Really addicting but horse is like impossible
Nicole Pereira review Nicole Pereira
Its ok
There is a lot of ads and I know there is a pro or something but I don't want to waste my money just to get alot of ads to remove
billy westcott review billy westcott
Its addicting
This game is addicting and my friends love it ??? its making me relize that katchupp is awesome. At first I thought that katchupp was just going to be a stupid creator but the games r sooo gooood.???☺?☺?
shantel jones review shantel jones
Little confusing cause you don't give detections on how to play but its still fun
Chris Ferrell review Chris Ferrell
Crazy frustrating. Crazy addictive.
He humbles me, this 'long legs.' He steps, he stumbles, he sways then splats. He tasks me...yet I shall move him.