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Come get your daily crossword fix - 100% FREE. Join 4 Million+ players who exercise their brains every day with a dose of Daily Celebrity Crossword, the first daily puzzle written for today’s world.


Solve crosswords created by the world’s most published crossword writers - the same people who write crossword puzzles for the world’s top newspapers and magazines. Our team of 30 ALL STAR crossword writers are on a mission to create the world’s BEST crosswords for you 365 days a year. Our team is led by our co-editors Trip Payne (star of the crossword documentary Wordplay) and Amy Reynaldo (author of How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword).


• A crossword puzzle that YOU can solve!
• Access over 500 Celebrity Crosswords - with brand new crosswords added EVERY DAY!
• A brand new themed puzzle every day!
Movie Monday
TV Tuesday
Wayback Wednesday
Top 40 Thursday
Sports Fan Friday
Smartypants Saturday
Sunday Funday
….and many more surprise & bonus puzzles!

Play Crosswords to Celebrate Special Occasions:
• Valentine’s day crossword
• Cinco de Mayo crossword
• Father’s day crossword
• and many more!

Download & play for FREE today!

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Daily Celebrity Crossword APK reviews

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Pierre Wortherly review Pierre Wortherly
I like it
Anita Nugent review Anita Nugent
I love this game. I love all crosswords and it is hard to find decent apps. UPDATE: ALL GOOD THINGS MUST END, including free games. Starts you out with coins, but when they are gone...so is free...you can earn coins as with a lot of games...but it's a hassle. ANOTHER UPDATE: must buy coins if you play a lot. But, crosswords are only 3 coins so a few will last a good while. Daily game is still free. I love these puzzles and keep going back to it.
Cynthia Richard review Cynthia Richard
Im uninstalling this game since its being updated to play with friends. If had wanted to play with someone else i wouldn't have downloaded this version.
Rick Brown review Rick Brown
I have a number of times completed the survey in order to gain coins for gameplay. Many times I complete the survey and submit it and no coins are ever added to my account. The developers of celebrity crossword tell you you have to contact a company called tapiture. I don't play games to jump through hoops. Don't really recommend this one unless you wish to pay for coins or play without them
Colleen Mayotte review Colleen Mayotte
Really like puzzles Would like it a lot more if it were easier to earn coins. Used to earn 10 coins for completing bonus puzzles. Used to be able to watch video to earn coins. Used to have days or weeks of free puzzle play. Completing surveys is a joke because coins are never awarded. I am still waiting for 294 coins for ordering from 1-800- PET-MEDS last year in June. Need I go on? Give the people what they want, an easier way to earn coins!!!!
Some challenging questions and some easy, a good mix that keeps me from giving up. The purchase button as well as the button to change from crossword to "fill in the blank style" are both too close to the keyboard. I'm constantly having to hit the "go back" button to finish my answers. It would be better if these buttons were at the top, away from the keyboard. Otherwise, an enjoyable game that you don't have to spend money on unless you choose too.
pip ellis review pip ellis
Really enjoy the daily puzzles. Wish coins were easier to earn though. Why can you only earn coins if you download something not relevant to yourself or a game not in your choice range?. Please look into this and make it a bit more fair. Also why has it stopped giving you a coin when you watch the ad like it used to? Not been able to earn any for so long, reason why not giving it 5 stars
jackienjay ross review jackienjay ross
This is a great app...BUT this is the second time I have installed it and STILL they cheat you out of tokens you earn...it says you esrn them but your total doesn't move. I believe they want you to spend money on this app so you can continue to play because it costs you tokens to play. Unless they fix this problem soon which I am NOT hopeful about I will be deleting it again soon.
Josie Sheldon review Josie Sheldon
I don't like the coin system. I have issues at times getting my coins from tapjoy. I am pleased they lowered the amount of coins to purchase a day u missed. This crossword puzzle app is by far my favorite crossword app. It's not super easy but also not stupid hard. It's the perfect medium.
bonnie stimler review bonnie stimler
Good cognitive stimulation exercise
. . and fun too!
Crystal Bee review Crystal Bee
I love puzzles...BUT......
I LOVE crossword puzzles. Would like to have the opportunity to work more than one and only use one coin vs 3. When earnings free coins I never get my coins if it's More than one and I follow direc Tia T. IT uses too many coins and don't replace. Plus .I'd like to work more than one a day. Fix that I'll rate a 5.
Katherine Wade review Katherine Wade
Almost perfect...
I would give this a higher rating except for the fact that you can only play one crossword a day, unless you want to pay for extra coins. And then if you try to get free coins by installing other apps, it doesn't always give them to you.
Lindsay Pencek review Lindsay Pencek
Great! But...
I do like this app. I enjoy using it to relax on my break at work. Lately I've been disappointed because there have been obvious misspellings. For example, in today's crossword, the answer to the clue "southwestern native american tribe" should be spelled Navajo, not navaho. I've also been getting an error message when I go to load the game and have had to uninstall and reinstall.
Peggy Kelly review Peggy Kelly
Love doing the crossword puzzles -it's great entertainment - but I wish there were some way to get coins other than installing an app I have no interest in, taking part in some survey or getting a useless quote for insurance or whatever. And I can't spend my hard earned money for coins.
Had a problem but was very helpful in fixing it thank you.
Enjoy tremendous