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Sudoku games with levels. Easy sudoku for beginners and hard sudoku for experts.

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Version 1.3.5
Developer level38
Category Games, Puzzle
ID com.level38.daily.sudoku.puzzle
Requirements 4.3 and up

Daily Sudoku Puzzle 1.3.5 APK description

Sudoku puzzle, also known as magic square, is a popular logic game with a numbers. Daily sudoku helps you improve your memory, develop your logical and mathematical skills and that is why it is a fun and useful activity for a curious people of all ages in all over the world.

The rules of sudoku. The playing field is a 9×9 square divided into nine smaller 3x3 squares. At the beginning of the game the table already contains some digits from 1 to 9 called hints. The goal is to use your logic to fill all cells with numbers from 1 to 9 so that each column, each row, and each of the small squares contain all of the digits only once. The difficulty of puzzle depends on the number of hints and on the logical conclusions that can solve it. Very easy sudoku for beginners can be solved quite quickly, while others really hard sudoku for experts can take hours. Each puzzle has one right solution.

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Daily Sudoku Puzzle latest version

How to play sudoku. The central part of your display is a sudoku 9×9 with some predefined values. Below the table there is a keyboard with numbers from 1 to 9. Please, select some cell first. The selected cell will be highlighted with a bright color. Then you can click on some digit on the keyboard to put it in a selected cell. Above the keyboard there are few buttons that will help you customize the game. With these tools you can turn draft mode on and off, show or hide some tips, enable or disable sound, switch between other game modes.

Daily sudoku puzzle allows you to play in two different ways. One option is a game with automatic error checking. In this case, the application will check every your step and let you know if you are wrong. But you have a limited number of mistakes. Another option is to play without these limits. In this case, the application will not check you for errors so you can make any number of mistakes. But you must rely only on your logic to solve the puzzle right. You can choose a more comfortable option for you or even switch the modes while playing.

Free features:

• Free endless puzzles with daily updates
• Various difficulty levels from easy sudoku for beginners to hard sudoku for experts
• Hints and error highlighting to help you solve the puzzle
• Online and offline sudoku games
• Sudoku for tablets and phones

Premium features:

• Additional expert level for the smartest and most advanced users
• Sudoku game without ads

Try now this interesting and helpful world famous game. Train your brain anytime and anywhere, test your mental capacity, share your results with your friends and family to show how smart you are with daily sudoku puzzle.
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