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With more than 10 MILLION installs and growing each day, it’s easy to see why Dan the Man has been awarded as one of the “Best Free Games of 2016” across the major mobile platforms!

This epic game dials back to retro games roots to bring you an epic action platformer brawler that you’d swear you’ve seen in the old arcade games! Download NOW for FREE and take control of the legendary (and often inappropriate hero) … Dan the Man!

With a cracking funny story, awesome upgradeable fighting skills and an epic arsenal of weapons that will make even the most heroic of heroes envious, Dan The Man's arcade fight fest has enough enemies and boss fights to satisfy every hardcore gamer.


?Campaign Mode: Follow the adventure of Dan in a new stage to this epic series. Get ready to kick foes in one of the most epic retro adventures for mobile games to date!
?Endless Survival: Reach the top of the rankings and show the world who is boss fighting in this endless survival game mode.
?Adventure Mode: Test yourself in tons of epic challenges and different kind of games and unlock exclusive skins and prizes!

All of them for FREE!


Upgrade your favorite character to make them the best, unlocking new abilities and longer super epic combos to give your enemies a hard time!


Customise your own character with all kinds of epic skins and clothing that give you extra advantages in combat. Play your character the way you want!


Retro pixel art graphics bring back the best of old arcade games filled with action, platforms and lots of fighting.

Are you READY for this?
- Epic Robo-bosses that will test their metal against your mettle!
- Free upgradable weapons and epic abilities that will help you put the *smack* in smackdown!
- Customise your own character, or play as Dan, super girl Josie or Barry Steakfries!
- Story Modes, Endless Survival and Battle Mode. Choose your mode of challenge!
- Secret Areas, unlockable costumes and Daily events to keep you on your toes!
- Epic retro action games in the palm of your hands, with support for gamepads!
- Oldie but goodie pixel art graphics that bring back the glory of arcade games!

What are you waiting for? Join the epicness! Be legendary! PLAY NOW for FREE!


Catch up on the story that precedes the game! Watch each stage of the web series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuNyw_z6mVdXCUK05PYmwYQ3Yozs9hsGs


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

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Permissions used in the game:

- Check your network, WIFI and Internet availability:
Ensures your game is kept up to date, give you access to online/cloud save options and serve ads where applicable. Game can be played offline.

- Avoid the device falls asleep:
This prevents the device from going into a sleep state while the game is active.

- Allow IAP items purchases:
This allows you to make purchases from our in-game store.

- Receive push notifications:
Gives us authorization to send you messages and notifications for events, features, etc.

- Write External Storage:
Dan the man needs access to the file system to run properly.

- Bind_Get_Install_Referrer_Service:
Used to track and measure Dan the Man application installations.

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Dan the Man: Action Platformer APK reviews

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Robin David review Robin David
Wish I didn't have to pay for it, but yourself worth it. This game is great
Dylan Ring review Dylan Ring
Great game
Very fun. Worth it
jesse gerrits review jesse gerrits
If i want to play it and go to main story it wil say internet connection not detected but i can dowload stuff and watch youtube
Probably one of the best mobile games I have ever played! 10/10 I hope a sequel happens!!!!!!! That would be totally awesome dude!!
Abdullah AlGhamdi review Abdullah AlGhamdi
Deleting this game. Do not force me to buy a character I don't want. I loved this game and I have been playing it daily for at least a year. Now you have to buy a character and upgrade it to be able to play the daily challenge portion of the game. That's a very cheap trick to get money. Deleting...
Morty 9 review Morty 9
This game is so fun its so awesome thanks for making this incredibld game which is awesome
Yehia Mahmoud review Yehia Mahmoud
The game want money? only
Pedro Voltolini review Pedro Voltolini
Basically, this is the BEST plataform game for mobiles
Chris Hussey review Chris Hussey
Not a fan of the controls, found myself constantly missing the button. Constantly getting shot from an enemy 2 pixels out of punching range. Constant ads, so many ads.
anshul arora review anshul arora
Love this great gameplay but please add more characters moves like projectile move, air combos, more grapples and more characters with different fighting styles, upgrade damage output and most importantly create new app icon for dan the man.
Chris Schulz review Chris Schulz
I think it's a great game. When I'm studying and need a quick break I go into survival mode for a while and I can put out down. If I have more time I play story mode. Customizing your own character is always fun. Don't have to pay to win.
Hakan Kök review Hakan Kök
It's full of ads. You get involuntary ads in the middle of a level and while in menus without any warning. Also, they're ads of Mobile Strike, which makes them even worse.
kittystarfire rulez review kittystarfire rulez
Got a couple so the reds are good and the others bad? Is the king good or bad? Its confusing
Shlomo Mendelawi review Shlomo Mendelawi
Enjoying the game but confused
Started playing the game but y am I starting from stage 8 idk what the story is for the game, I feel like I'm missing all the stages before 8
William 64 review William 64
I love this game the graphics the combat the story but one problem. ADS. EVERY TIME I COME A CROSS ADS AND the fact I have to pay for no ads and Barry. The game was the best tho please lower the price.