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The long waited anime card game is here! combines the popular art styles of Japan and Korea comic characters to create a new standard for character and environment design.

【Relive the classic! Check out the brand new 6 grid battle system】
The 6 grid battle system is here! No matter if you are sitting, lying down or walking while playing, the game is fun and easy to control! With high quality artistic designs and flashy cool animation and special effects, it definitely enhances the gaming experience!

【Amazing experience! Create your most powerful team ever】
There is no fight as good as the ones on the battlefield! Why fight one on one where you can fight with a whole team?! You got buddies to fight with you? Me too! Mine would be even better! These fights would definitely make your day a lot more fun!

【Witness the fame and glory of the vastly intricate battlefield】
Fight on! Don’t hold back! Once you stop you will never go back! Summon your Zanpakuto sword and vanquish all your foes! Bring out your inner Shinigami strength and conquer the battlefield! The world is yours to take! Sign up now and join in the fun!

D'Arrancar APK reviews

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john furedi review john furedi
I really wanted to play this game but keeps saying network problems not sure what else to do it's not enough the game doesn't work now can't even get on the site I guess I'm deleting this game since i can't play
Glenn Andrew review Glenn Andrew
really want to play this game but sadly, the Server always full. Need to put more server than all gamers can play.. please fix
Cole Barry review Cole Barry
Game prevents loging in
Can't login my connection isn't the problem because other apps play just fine.
Taylor Cooper review Taylor Cooper
Awesome Game
It's a very awesome game, able to log in the fist time no problems.
Good game
Pretty good so far going well for a new launch looking forward to more
terry flacke review terry flacke
Awesome Game!!!
This is an Epic game. I logged in just fine, and the gameplay is smooth
beyytprocta review beyytprocta
I'm very happy
I really enjoy this game, and there many mechanics I do enjoy. I had a small issue, but am very please to say that after contacting the developers they were very friendly, and thoroughly helpful. This is a game I will be spending money on, and I am very selective on doing so. Great job guys! Keep it up! :~D
Green Bob review Green Bob
Beautiful game
Reallyblike this game.. but u see... need to improve a little bit when battle.. like what mob we are attacking.. and when to use out rage skills..
Zack Blake review Zack Blake
Fun and addictive.
There no tutorial and thats actually great for once. And there no right or wrong way to get stronger. Plus generous rewards for doing things gets a 5* from me.
Shin Ryuu review Shin Ryuu
Game have interesting ideas. Still need to work out on battle so player can choose which mobs will be target first
Eugene Khoo review Eugene Khoo
So far this game is not bad, just drain my battery fast. Maybe my phone problem