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Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians
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Inspired by the original card battle game, War, players throw down customized cards at the same time in adrenaline-fueled 5 minute PVP battles. Collect and unleash impressive Guardians, strategically customizing and upgrading each card for explosive, synergistic wins as you anticipate your opponent’s every move.

For ages, the Provenants of Ravia have upheld a timeless tradition of powering the Sacred Spire to ensure the Cycle of Ages... until greed fractured all. Play as a powerful Provenant as you capture rogue Guardians and gain control of the chaos. Summon extraordinary cards from 12 unique classes and upgrade each one through multiple methods. Build powerful decks and test your strategy through a rich variety of challenging content and multiple game modes that fit any schedule!

• DUEL OPPONENTS IN 5 MINUTES OR LESS: Designed for the mobile player in mind, engage in quick battles that resolve in half the time of competitor CCGs!

• ENGAGE IN UNIQUE & STRATEGIC BATTLES: Guess your opponent’s moves, calculate risk, and react swiftly as you throw down cards at the same time.

• CUSTOMIZE & UPGRADE IN MULTIPLE WAYS: Improve every card through 7 different methods, such as evolving or leveling up spells, then build the ultimate deck across different card classes and elemental affinities.

• FIGHT THROUGH CHALLENGING CONTENT: Conquer Campaign Mode or challenge other players in the Arena for fast-paced, real-time duels!

• TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS IN GUILDS: Join the Deckstorm community and forge alliances with old and new friends.

Deckstorm: Duel of Guardians APK reviews

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Siddharth M review Siddharth M
in my top list of favorites
one of the best games out there in the store, no complains.. so far I've been enjoying the game...and the weekly content updates in what keeps me coming back for more...a usual cry of free player(please give some more options to earn gems)
Lynne Bartlem review Lynne Bartlem
It's a good game but I haven't played these types of games in a while so I'm trying to get used to it. I've had no issues and no lag realky like it
Great game
Christopher Esguerra review Christopher Esguerra
A very interesting take to a card game (to say the least). Unique is an understatement, you got to try it to understand. Visually, you have enough eye-candy here to inspire tons of lore and content. My rating my be premature..but, i love the passion and energy that went into this game, so I'm looking forward to even more fantasy goodness. I've got a GOOD feeling this game will be huge one day. I really think so!!!
Lyubomyr Abramsky review Lyubomyr Abramsky
Really Fun, Must Try!
I'm not a big fan of card games to be honest. I played Hearthstone and few other ones but I found them a bit boring. My friend was playing this the other day and he said it was fun so I decided to give it a try, turns out its the first card game that I actually liked. I really love the art style its actually the one of the reasons I decided to check it out, that and I was desperate for a fun mobile game. The UI is very clean and easy to navigate, and the gameplay is simple yet challenging. Good game 10/10.
Mark Alday review Mark Alday
Rate 5 awesome!
Only players who doesn't know what a card game will rate this game below 4* it's all here, tactics strategy f2p, no payWall, lots of freebies, a f2p player can progress real good without paying a cent!! Honestly I never rate 5star in a game but this one deserve it so kudos to all, have fun collecting cards
Frederick Veldhuis review Frederick Veldhuis
Driving me nuts
You know, I love this game and even spend money but with every update you fail to fix the arena battles. I can't count the number of battles I've lost or been kicked out of by the random nonsense since the last two updates. Quit worrying about the pretty crap and focus on fixing what was one the best games of the genre.
fabian böck review fabian böck
detailed and fun
best card game on android so far. and I have played a lot. the mode is kept simple but the pvp is very tricky. every move could cost you or win the game. fresh cards daily. definitely no p2w.
Cyber Dankey review Cyber Dankey
If its just that im bad, i get 1 stars in the first battles and it doesnt help you enough as a newb. Packs are also unobtainable easily, as the cheapest good pack only having 3 cards and probably not good. Waste of incredible presentation
Stephen R review Stephen R
A fine game.
I tried this game through the cross over campaign from Blood Brothers 2 . I really enjoyed it. Slightly confusing to start but getting the hang of it. Great art work. Fun game play and clever hooks to keep you going.
Danielle Rickels review Danielle Rickels
Was much better without all the updating. Every other day it seems there's an update!! And there's really no way to build a good squad without using real cash which sucks.
Jerome Gadzinski review Jerome Gadzinski
Hellfire fans
Don't bother where in hellfire you can actually get ahead with hard work and perseverance. This game is a money grab not a pay to play but a pay to win there for not a game just a scam. Shame on you Dena!
Lazaro Delgado review Lazaro Delgado
Great game after you get the Basics
Very fun addicting game. Found myself sunken in hours of play after i got the basics. Allot of promising features, hopefully doesn't get overwhelming on the pay features
John Edwards review John Edwards
Bad Update
After bad update you deserve this 1star. You ruined the fuzion process, you screwed over players that spent 500 moonstone before the update and you increased arena orb refresh time. Like wtf were you thinking. Fix this mess and fire whoever wanted to push this out
Robert Morrison review Robert Morrison
Life on Pause...
I find my self fully addicted to this game. Very complex and fun. Cool artwork and tons of new gameplay. Its a must for any strategy fan the card aspect is super fun also. I havnt spent a dime on the game on love it.