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Chris Tea review Chris Tea
This is such a stupid app. Never pay for it. It doesnt work offline unless you dowload the songs or you add to your favourite by clicking the heart. However , the song is added to your favourites it disappear after a few days and the only available song are those downloaded but they stuck many times. I am deeply disappointed :( - youtube is far better.
Damia Sarah review Damia Sarah
I love this music apps but can you please add more Kurt Hugo Schneider songs? I can't find his songs anywhere so i downloaded this apps but there isn't many songs of his. Please.
Emilie Thompson review Emilie Thompson
Oh dear
They said "free" . You only get 15 days before you have to pay for offline music. Very disappointed
Toni Mellor review Toni Mellor
Its great but
I dnt like how in the free mode if ur in a playlist u made u cnt pick the song u want it does it automatic an then u get to listen one an its an advert the another dong then an advert I think it needs some major update
Per Ardne review Per Ardne
Removed support for saving on SD Card.
This is totally outrageous! They removed the possibility to save your offline music on your SD card so instead of being able to download lots if GB's of music on my 128gb SD card I can only lyrics download 5-6gb... Cancelling subscription!
Jourdon O'conner review Jourdon O'conner
Credit and stuff
Yo is there any other way for me to sort of get around the ads, I'm fairly young so I don't really have PayPal, visa, etc.
Edmund Koen review Edmund Koen
Like I said its a great player but the only thing it's missing is the ringtone feature so that you can make your songs ringtones and the feature where it doesn't just give you the top 5 songs. Please add this and I will rate 5 stars
lablanche david review lablanche david
Thanks to make music ? more easily accessible
Jimmy Williams review Jimmy Williams
Great app
I have had this for ages and I was close to giving it a five but the shuffle play option doesn't seem to be available now for play lists and albums? Any reason why?
Peter Ferguson review Peter Ferguson
Great App
Don't know what I'd do without it, download music at home on the wifi and listen to it offline when out and about rather than accruing data charges!
Deezer fan since 2007
Unfortunately, since I can recall I have been having crash after crash after crash after crash. I even abandoned my initial account and linked my G+ in the hopes that this will somehow fix the crash. You have been generous with your promotions (thanks for that limited offer!!) But Please guys, get this sorted -will Ya? Don't leave me with no choice but turn away! Cheers!
Michele Albanese review Michele Albanese
Fantastic app for music
Great ux, everything is working fine and well designed
Vishal Motilall review Vishal Motilall
I keep getting asked to subscribe although it's already being paid for via my Vodacom account. Can't download albums either.
Kagzfrancis Mwaura review Kagzfrancis Mwaura
This App takes the quality of streaming into another level! Leaving space for just small improvements like a sleep timer among but a few....otherwise with goodquality headphones and sound system this is by far the best App!!!
andy weston review andy weston
Fix it please
Still having the same problem!! Not getting constant stream. After every song or few songs I have to open the app and press play or next track. Even while on random and repeat! If this keeps up I'll be ending my subscription very soon!!!!!