Defender II APK reviews

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John Fischer review John Fischer
Cool game needs to fix bugs
Roberto Aviles review Roberto Aviles
Good game
Great game , high quality , just an overall awesome game
Mark Knight review Mark Knight
Done 12 of tapjoy
None were given as rewards good game just don't do tap joy
ron casona review ron casona
Its so very fun
teoh elmer review teoh elmer
where is those free crystals?After i download those apps,i dont get any free cystals!
Lee Jett review Lee Jett
Doesn't award crystals. They just want to laugh at you as u waste your time.
Kwok Meng Liew review Kwok Meng Liew
Love the game but..
I have been playing for past 3 years, simply love the Game . If the levels which I have achieved in the past can be forwarded when we can change new phone.
Rohit Singh review Rohit Singh
Their should option to save your progress
William Woldt review William Woldt
Online Play
Auto-matching system sucks. More often than most does it pit you against other players with an unfair advantage.
aunjon aunjon review aunjon aunjon
Battle mode is fake
I was playing in battle mode but my internet connection was lost . I realized this when the game ended . So how was I able to play without internet connection ? Because battle mode is also local . Next time you play battle mode just turn off your internet connection and you will see that the game is still progressing.
Mary Platt review Mary Platt
Serves its purpose.
This game has allowed me to focus myself on something other than being an adult.
marcia salmon review marcia salmon
Unable to sync or back up progress. Such a waste of time and money
Unable to play on another device. Had was to start over , was at level 100 stage 945. It was a waste of time
Ayanleye Abolore review Ayanleye Abolore
Not bad
The game's cool and I like playing it...but u guys have got to add more cool features to it
Garcia Perez review Garcia Perez
Anthony Falbo review Anthony Falbo
Defender 2
Non stop ads are unbearable