Demolition Derby Multiplayer APK

Demolition Derby Multiplayer
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The real time online multiplayer Demolition Derby game.
Download and play against your friends and rivals now for free!

Just some of the awesome features:
– Real time player vs player (PvP) multiplayer (random opponents)
– Private multiplayer matches against friends
– Practice offline
– Choose your own car
– Customize controls for steering + nitro boost (incl. tilt / touch)
– Multiple tracks / arena's
– Bragging rights - level-up and earn badges
– Pixel perfect polished UI
– Realistic wreckage and damage simulation
– Nice and small apk to help you free up space

Choose from various cars and tracks and hit the Play button to instantly play against demolition derby rivals across the globe worldwide. Easy to play, but buckle up and fasten your seat belts as you smash your way to victory and become the next big demolition derby champion. Bang and smash the wannabee competition in this next generation racing game experience!

Play private matches against friends (HOW TO?)
New and improved private mode now available
Not only can you play against (random) players, but you can also setup your own private matches against your friends, family or rivals.
One player should first select HOST from the main menu to host a private match, then select the preferred track. The host will then get a LOBBY ID which can be shared with friends to join the private match. The other players can now select JOIN from the main menu and enter the LOBBY ID / CODE to join the match.

Multiplayer redefined
Chase, smash and crash into your opponents and see the full physics and damage emerge in front of your eyes even when playing online (3G, 4G, or WIFI) in real-time against rivals. Play live PvP games with up to 5 real players using the Destruction Crews' new breathtaking peer-to-peer multi-player technology that has been optimized over the past years. This game extends the horizon of multiplayer gaming like never before.

Racing tips - most requested
1. Cornering: Steer while applying the nitro turbo will give you enough torque to make a sharp turn. Release throttle just after nitro boost to make a rapid turn.
2. Turbo (nitro): It launched you like a rocket, but try not to burnout your nitro completely. For a quick recharge don't use completely and smash a rival quickly.
3. Contact time: Be sure to hit a rival before the contact timer runs out; be aware that failing to do so will dismount your wheels and you'll be wrecked.
4. XP: The best way to level-up quickly through the XP league is to earn badges during the races.

Your Demolition Derby drivers career
Welcome to the club! You are now one of the proud owners of your own derby racing car with a driving permit to join the derby events! The voyage is long with many challenges ahead as opponents all over the world will soon test your driving skills. Building your own driving style is key to find what best works vs. your adversaries; do you choose to become a smart driver who waits for its prey at the moment of truth, or are you the dare devil that goes for an all out combat approach to knockout and annihilate its rivals. You have access to multiple venues like the round dirt pit track and the parking lot where things can get dirty. Hear the dinger loud and be seated for a 2 minute derby event where all your honor and glory is at stake. May the best driver win!

NEW capture the flag
Destruction Crew (DC) offers you the new keep/capture the flag mode which lets you chase down your rival that holds the flag. Be careful as you aren't indestructible when you keep the flag and you'll need to avoid capture vs your racing opponents.

Welcome to demolition derby paradise and unite in a world tour against other demo derby rivals. This is not your average multiplayer racing game! Hit the install button and join the destruction and mayhem with Demolition Derby Multiplayer. Download and install for free now!

Demolition Derby Multiplayer APK reviews

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Shane Ford review Shane Ford
Needs work
Terrible vehicle control. Should respawn as necessary instead of the contact timer killing you. Seems like other cars are much stronger then what we have to choose from. Graphics are decent though. The layout is easy to use and navigate.
Ruth Vandall review Ruth Vandall
Demolition Derby
girlyn acode review girlyn acode
the best game
Sami Farin review Sami Farin
What is the purpose of joining a match when there's 5 seconds left? Also, too many disconnects (my network is ok tyvm). Sometimes my car stays on its side without possibility of respawning. Sometimes bots start the game 3 s before others.
Aidan Ketcham review Aidan Ketcham
Boom but Funny OK Pool Holl go Road to
Luke Gilfoyle review Luke Gilfoyle
Great Game - Big Potential
This is a great game but lacks a choice of cars as there are only 3. The arenas are fun and fast with obstacles. Would have been 5 stars if the game would put you with players of a similar level. I was a level 10 playing a level 50 and of course he kept winning. More cars, customizable parts for both performance and styling would be great. Earn money to buy new cars and upgrades would make this the perfect game. Maybe link it to Facebook to play friends directly from there. So much potential!! Great.
I sucks soooo of much don't ever download this app these people are morons
Rude no time to move and one hit I'm dead but if I hit them they don't die it sucks
Anthony Alvarado review Anthony Alvarado
No customization options for the cars and private mode is still under construction.
You can't make your cars stronger or faster. There is no customization in this game what so ever... then you can't even play with your friends in a private match?? This game had potential but it's just not there.....
Good potential, horrific paint jobs.
The game has potential, but I cannot stress how horrific the paint jobs for the cars are. The models are nice, but the paint jobs are so bad that they ruin the rest of the car. Please, completely overhaul your paint jobs. Real derby cars do not look like this. Go on Google Images and search Demolition Derby cars, and try to base them off of that. Otherwise the game looks good, and like I have already said, the game has potential.
DeaZareCHICKEN review DeaZareCHICKEN
To Laggy but....
It is a good game the leveling system is great, setting are good, and car models are ok... lacks customization but still good, the Online is what I have a problem with... I drive and no one is near me and I get hit by a ghost car or something it makes the online very frustrating and boring when you can't keep the lead cause your getting hit by ghosts apparently...
Caleb Lorenzo Vlogs review Caleb Lorenzo Vlogs
this is the most nicest derby game in the world (tbh) but I know why some people like drive into walls the path allot
Awesome Roblox review Awesome Roblox
The best graphics I've seen in a game that is not paid for.
It's good and plz update more
Charles Wright review Charles Wright
Never knew a game where u get cheated outta evereything til I played this crappy game
Terri Dallin review Terri Dallin
Ok game but gets annoying
Hansel rai review Hansel rai
love it
can u guys make this game able to play multiplayer via hotspot or bluetooth