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Love home decorating? Play Design Home today - a relaxing, fun game that allows you to live the life of an interior decorator. Sharpen your decorating skills in daily Design Challenges and style visually stunning three-dimensional spaces with access to real, high-end furniture and decor brands. It’s quick, it’s fun and you can connect with a vibrant creative community while learning about diverse décor styles - thus improving your design skills and gaining inspiration that you can even apply in your real life.

* Relax through play and express your creativity in daily Design Challenges.
* Unlock rewards as you polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator.
* Play with real life, high-end brands as you learn about different interior design styles.
* Vote on your favorite rooms from a vibrant, creative community.
* Share your creativity and borrow furnishings from your friends when you connect to Facebook.

Love the items in your favorite room? You can shop for them directly through Design Home! Click any piece you love and buy it for your own home. With new pieces added every day, Design Home literally puts the best home décor (alternative: furnishings) directly at your fingertips. Not only can you discover brands and trends, you can own them, too!

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How do I get support for this game. I need to send some screen shots.
Jennifer Holderness review Jennifer Holderness
Customer service at Crowdstar for this game is appalling. I am a paying customer and have been informing them for more than a week about my missing daily diamonds and have gotten nothing but an automated response about how they will get in touch with me within 24 hours. Nope! Not happening and my game is still not fixed. Won't drop another dime on it unless I can get some customer support.
Pam Denman review Pam Denman
It is fun decorating homes on the USA and different countries I just love the game. It just keeps getting better and better. Very relaxing. Still loving the game . Just wish there were more items for kids room. Different toys furniture and pictures would be nice. But I still would rate this game number 1 but I just wish that you could come up with different things for boys and girls.The toys you have right now just goes for little kids. If you could add like computer and different things like crayons coloring books. That would be really great.
Karin VF review Karin VF
Since all the new crap you added like borrow and levels the game crashes to desktop over and over again. Re installing didn't work ! I'm also pretty sure the voting is rigged and favors designs of people who spend money on it. Please fix the crashing asap !
Tímea Jenei review Tímea Jenei
Amazing game.i am a big fan of it. However if you don't want to spend actual money u better not playing. There's some offers for free diamonds but if you complete the task u can only hope u get them:/ apart from this it's a good good game. Update: Good job you have made the rewards come through now more often. Thanks for the improvement. I have never played any games for months before .
Olivia Waters review Olivia Waters
I Actually really like this app. They need to create a better way to receive gems and money. It's near impossible to have any good designs without Spending real money on it. Even if you spend your own money, the gems and dollars can go extremely quickly. You end up on the next design and do not have enough money or gems to meet the requirements. Your only option is to wait another day (and you only get enough each day to hardly make a difference) or spend real money on the game. I tried some of the options for free gems, but they don't even involve the game. I would really really love this app if I didn't feel I needed to spend lots of money just to decorate fake rooms.
Michele Hohendorff review Michele Hohendorff
I actually love this game but you only get 5 chances to use each item you buy and then you have to buy it again if you really like the item. I understand this is a way to make more real life money for the company, but even the PRIZE furniture you WIN through your designs gets taken back. Seems very unfair! I think you should at least get to retain you're prizes throughout the game so you can build your inventory. Those should not have to be rebought!
Laurel Posey review Laurel Posey
Fun and addictive! I do wish there was a daily cash award or some other way to earn more cash... I'm now stuck, unable to complete any challenges to earn cash, because I don't have enough cash to meet the challenge's requirements. I know you can buy more cash, but I can't afford much of that. Otherwise, though, I really like it!
dakshna davar review dakshna davar
Nice game and really appeals to me because I love interior decorating. However a few things which would make the game better. 1. More challenges. I spend more time waiting for voting results to be in, than entering game challenges. 2.An option to change the wallpaper and flooring of the room we are designing would be great too.
Patricia Thornhill review Patricia Thornhill
I wish it were easier to search items and filter by price etc. Maybe add a feature where we can select an item in different colors. It is difficult to play the game as a new user without spending money. And I won't spend money unless I know I'm going to keep playing and that doesn't make me want to keep playing. I've found it doesn't pay to do any more than the daily challenge or I end up using all of my money/diamonds with no reward because the items I've already bought don't go in the challenges.
suzanne fryer review suzanne fryer
This would be a great game if the bugs were sorted keeps freezing or not loading! Also fed up of paying for stuff I had already purchased
I have a question. The comments from other players reflect mine and many other players concerns. Have any of these concerns been addressed by the developers? Has anyone had a response to their comments? I do think see the point I leaving feedback of the issues aren't being addressed. It's a great game that someone is getting very rich from. Getting close to uninstalling. Some challenges are too cost restrictive due to the requirements. Three high end challenges in row means it's difficult to participate in a lot of the challenges. Its a great game, but I'd rather pay a subscription with reduced game costs. Its just too expensive
Lori Fechner review Lori Fechner
Love the game, but not the real money I'm spending on it! However, a few comments: voting system is not great, especially when it's an "eclectic" room. Storyline says buyer wants fun, colorful room, and the rooms that get the fives are the same basic black, white and grey as the others. I get frustrated with the voting users who can't seem to go beyond neutral. Second, please, please give us more accessory options! And better art! Please!
Tara hm review Tara hm
Doesn't work. I fulfill the requirements such as 2 traditional items and 2 French items, and there are check marks saying that I've fulfilled them, but when I click the challenge it says required items missing. This is such a shame because I LOVE interior decorating, and I've just purchased a new home that's going to need lots of furniture, but if the app doesn't work right soon I will uninstall.
Lin Hawks review Lin Hawks
Great design elements; However it's impossible to enjoy the game fully without a way to earn more keys and diamonds to keep playing!?!