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Genevieve Kam review Genevieve Kam
I completed the Noels Cafe to lvl 40. I got 12490 candy canes and the last reward needs 15100 candy canes. I can't replay the noel cafe lvls.. it's impossible to get the last reward.. I used so much gems to get to the last reward, but it's impossible to even get it.
Chelsey Tripp review Chelsey Tripp
Cute game. Daily diamonds reward could be bigger.
Melinda George review Melinda George
It's a fun relaxing game.
Doorothy Britt review Doorothy Britt
Its fun and very addictive
Miga Lam review Miga Lam
I used to love this game, but as other reviews have said, the amount of gems and money have been completely reduced, meaning upgrades are near impossible to buy. It's not really a reward for opening all the restaurants anymore. Also, the gameplay for the first restaurant completely changed. Why do that instead of using the new play style in a new restaurant?
Lly Night review Lly Night
After the update. Coins take 24 hours for collection instead of two hours. Restaurants give 1 crystal instead of the old 20. The fact that one upgrade costs 55 crystals show how money hungry this game has become. Goals to get 3 stars increased exponentially until it is impossible unless max upgrade. (E.g. 980 coins to 1550 coins??) Luckily I finished the game before updating it. It used to be fun, not anymore.
Rafaela Pulido review Rafaela Pulido
The controls was changed after the last update. Refills are not automatic anymore that player has to top each refill which takes time. Gems went stingy. I use to love the game now im thinking of uninstalling it...i find it time consuming ang expensive
van le review van le
Thanks for giving us 20 germs a day by watching ad. I'm very excited to waiting for the new restaurant. How come it so long ?
Pooky1991 review Pooky1991
Had to edit my review and dock some stars. Since the last update the game has been downgraded by slot. I'm just happy I maxed out everything before the update occurred. The coin and gem regeneration timer barely gives you anything anymore and earning a new level barely rewards anything now. I'm not too keen on the update done to coffee shop either, which has gameplay that would've been better saved for a new shop, which I was hoping the new upgrade would've been instead of what it is now. It feels like a waste and the obvious money grubbing is evident. Such a disappointment because the way it was set up before served as a already good challenge and rewarding when a level is finally mastered. Now it's borderline unplayable
Ivis Ruvimbo Munetsi review Ivis Ruvimbo Munetsi
It's I have been waiting for 3 months for a new shop to open. When updates come in I update it but nothing progresses afterwards. Totaly not happy
Sarah Mi21 review Sarah Mi21
Had this game months ago and liked it a great deal. I have reinstalled it after the festive update and now it won't even fully load before booting me to the Home screen, and I have already turned my phone off and on again. Please fix this otherwise I will uninstall and won't be playing it again.
Melanie Sanchez review Melanie Sanchez
Really fun game but more often than not it won't register my actions which ends up with me having to swipe over and over until it actually does it.
erika zulfani review erika zulfani
It takes 15 years to load the game -_- stuck at opening, loading bar. -_-
Ai Sumida review Ai Sumida
Great graphics, cute characters, no annoying grunting sounds, and easy to see layout.