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Destruction Of World : Physical Sandbox

0.48 · Wiggle Woggle

Build anything, use any means for it. Check the laws of physics.

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Offers Free
Version 0.48
Developer Wiggle Woggle
Category Games, Racing
ID com.NGG.DestructionOfWorld
Requirements 4.4 and up

Destruction Of World : Physical Sandbox 0.48 APK description

Destruction Of World: Physical Sandbox is a physics-based destroy the world demolition puzzle destruction simulator game. The player finds themselves in a world destroyer situation where the player needs to build a mechanism in order to complete the unique task of each level and smash city.

With different upgrades in the game, you can build your required objects and vehicles and destroy the world. Choose from a variety of objects in this destruction simulator and join them in correct position to make the machine that is required to fulfill the objectives of each level and destroy the world in this destruction simulator.

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Destruction Of World : Physical Sandbox latest version

After joining the parts of the machine, you can also drive them to either reach your destination or complete an objective.

In this open world sandbox environment, players have a huge variety of tactics and tools to use to achieve their goals in this destruction simulator. This way, players can use different options to enjoy the game without worrying about the options ending or limiting.

The motive of this game is to increase your cognition skills. By joining different parts and making a movable object, you will learn in real life how to place objects in the right place to make it work.

The game has two modes:
- Levels that require meeting conditions, surviving, destroying, extracting ore and much more.
- Sandbox, here the player is not limited by anything, build whatever your heart desires, check the physics of the real world.

All the modes will help you in learning as well as achieving your goals in the game.
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Download (38.96 MB)

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0.48 Universial Android 4.4+ 2021-07-07 (3 weeks ago)
0.47 (3 variants) Universial Android 4.1+ 2021-06-23 (1 month ago)
0.46 Universial Android 4.1+ 2020-11-23 (8 months ago)
0.45 Universial Android 4.1+ 2020-10-26 (9 months ago)
0.42 Universial Android 4.1+ 2020-10-15 (9 months ago)
0.4 Universial Android 4.1+ 2020-10-10 (9 months ago)
0.35 Universial Android 4.1+ 2020-09-30 (10 months ago)
0.2 Universial Android 4.1+ 2020-09-22 (10 months ago)