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Diamond Blast is #1 amazing diamond match game featuring addictive gameplay and tons of exciting blast effects and power ups!

The game is an exciting arcade saga which will challenge you to develop a lightning-fast reaction time. In Action mode you have 60 seconds to match as many diamonds as possible. You can also play the Endless mode to earn coins to buy special power ups for Action mode.

How to Play:
- Just TAP on any 3 or more connected identical diamonds to remove them
- Use bonus items and clever tactics, unlock the mysterious blue/yellow digger diamond and 2X bonus time

Game Features:
- Maximize your points in 60-second Action mode
- Earn free coins in Endless mode
- High quality graphics with breathtaking visual effects

Diamond Blast APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
Fun but sound is not stable and constantly looses sound. If it didn't break all the time I would buy it I agree..very addictive when sound effects are working... BUT PLEASE FIX SOUND EFFECTS! Otherwise Great game.
A Google user review A Google user
Very good game to take your mind off boring things, or for long train ride! But u have to remember to get off at ur station! Would be nice to incorporate 'level, not just points, since there is nothing to compare the points to.
A Google user review A Google user
I start a round and two hours later I can't stop because I have to beat my score. Great for when you dot want to think your way through a game. I get higher scores when I'm not even paying attention to it
Sheri Bessette review Sheri Bessette
Theres no reward for playing in endless...just level up. A bit boring, not much of a challenge. Mindless time waster.
Ali Shan review Ali Shan
Good game to make your brain and mind faster. But sometime this game confuses me. Due to time clock I just under go in pressure and can't complete the game. My highest score is 72680.
A Google user review A Google user
Highly recommend! A useful Addiction for your brain! Very fun because its a combo of bubble blast and a brain teaser. Better than bubble blast type games because this makes you think about your next move. The shapes change as you burst them so you have to think of best move first. Happy playing! :-)
chris e. review chris e.
Frustrating 4 jewels players! I so wanna slide to setup a better play! 5th star if u add the slide setup. The gems look like candy! YUMMO!! Now I'm hungry! RATS!!
Ice Queen review Ice Queen
I love this game, I can enjoy it for hours. My boyfriend had it on his phone and because I kept using his cell all the time just to play diamond blast he downloaded it to my phone. Absolutly perfect its the best game to play when you have a break from work or just killing time.
Carlos Rosa review Carlos Rosa
Cool game! Upgrading would make it a Fantastic game. Here are some suggestions: When at a higher level you could switch a color diamond to make a score. You could have a speed clock game allowing to get all of that color diamond that was chosen by the game.Have a battling contest with another game member to win a day of free access to gain more points.Those was just some of my ideas.
A Google user review A Google user
Love this game but half the time on action mode it doesn't give me my extra time clocks when I earn them. That's irritating. Great otherwise
Judy Dushoff review Judy Dushoff
How can anyone say addictive? No real challenge. Very little skill needed. Hints show in 1-2 seconds. Not much skill involved. Uninstalled after 20 minutes.
Demetrise Thompson review Demetrise Thompson
Like the game but not sure if there's a way to get coins without buying them. Shouldn't it be a way to win additional coins?
Liam Barrett review Liam Barrett
Does not work. Utter bollix of a game. Waste of time. Don't bother downloading this crap !!!
A Google user review A Google user
Not bad. But can make people's eyes pain because of so many colours. Hope that they will give more money that will be used on the game.
Sam Weeks review Sam Weeks
I've been playing this for a while now. Other games come and go but this one stays. Good time killer. High score of over 500,000.