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Digimon Heroes is an exciting and free card game where you collect, fight and evolve more than 1,000 of your favorite DIGIMON characters! Join the card battle adventure, build your teams, and conquer your enemies all over the Digital World of File Island.

Match cards to fight, heal and execute epic combo moves in unique, strategic Digimon battles. Evolve your Digimon or use fusion to power them up, and launch even more massive attacks!

- Match Command Cards to form chains and devastate your enemies!
- Play cards of the same color to fight, heal and unleash ultra-powerful moves!
- Fight alongside your favorite Digimon Heroes

- Digimon champions from common to legendary – Collect over 1000 of your favorites!

- Evolve your Digimon to more powerful forms
- Digimon fusion powers up your favorite characters
- Break through your Digimon’s limits to unleash their full potential

- Fight your way through File Island and push your team to its limit with epic events and challenges!
- Battle heroes and take on incredible challenges in an always-evolving online world

Digimon Heroes is the ultimate strategic card game, with all of your favorite Digimon in the fray! Collect cards, battle enemies, and evolve your Digimon to combat the ultimate enemy on File Island!

Download Digimon Heroes and join the card battle today!

Note: Digimon Heroes! is free to download and play but there are in-app purchases available. If you do not wish to use these features, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. In-app purchases are available via the Shop within the game. Please refer to In-App Purchases for price tiers.

A network connection is required to play.

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Digimon Heroes! APK reviews

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Maderz review Maderz
Hey I was wondering are all the old digimons in this game like the ones from the tv show (Digimon Fusion) like you know what i'm talking about. Shoutmon,Balistamon,Dorulamon,Omnishoutmon etc. If anyone can answer my question i'd be very grateful because I would love to get Omnishoutmon and Zekegreymon if its like the tv show btw i'm on about Digimom Fusion not the old Digimon... I liked Digimon Fusion better thats why i'm wondering if there are some digimons from Digimon Fusion for me to collect
Matthew L. review Matthew L.
Good game, dumb ai/auto card matching makes you wanna punch stuff. Also get gold for eggs takes too long, sp tickets need LR rotations. Also card texts/text in general is poorly worded, unclear, often with bad grammar
William Brown review William Brown
Love this game and everythin about it but but 1 BIG problem, under "MISSIONS" gettin various rewards when completed, the one that bothers me, only get 20 digimoney for getting a score hit of 9999, c'mon thats extremely pathetic, you would expect to get 1500 digimoney or 1500 bits but getting pathetic 20 digimoney aftrr scoring a hit of 9999??? Thats the only problem i have with this game, the game creators needs to fix that
Aseina Neerola review Aseina Neerola
It's cute and wonderful and I want to collect all of the Royal Knights plus my favorites, and I can't stooop!! It's a great simple game that definitely kills time!! I love it!(//∇//)♡ Edit: Wow!! Royal Knights Bombarding suddenly!! I love this game.. Must collect more...!!
Awesome to kill time
Emmanuel my Favourites videos review Emmanuel my Favourites videos
It's awesome but... Can you add the evolutions each digimon have so I know how to evolve the proper digimon to get what I want? Also if I sell a 1 star digimon 1 level I get 120 bits. If I sell a 10 star digimon 1level I get 1000 bits. You have to raise it at least to 10.000 at level 1 for a 10 star digimon!!! And when you digifuse a 9 star or 10 star digimon or a 4 star digimon level 40 To give more experience!!! And the most important thing. Make digimon earn experience from battles too! Not only by digifuse!!! Digifuse is very expencive. Thank you.
Nicholas Czaplinski review Nicholas Czaplinski
The gameplay was boring, I felt it did not matter what combo I tapped. The attacking was boring too. Overall I was very disappointed that this game was made by Digimon's creators. The only think good about this game is the art and sound, but gameplay is sorely lacking.
Noel Millan review Noel Millan
Christian John review Christian John
I'm loving this game so far. In a way it's not what I expecting. Regardless though. Its wonderful so far Above was my old review. Below is my now. After not playing the game for such a long time. And than jumping back into it. I wish there Would be been a way for me to start from scratch. But. On the other hand. I do enjoy the game. Waiting to see what you Devs have in store for it. Curious if you will go to a 3D or 2.5D nature of graphics and design. Really enjoy it though. Keep up the good work!
Zack M review Zack M
Too many "suggestions" in-game. Notifications for hatching eggs with gold don't disappear when you don't wish to spend gold on them. Collecting mission items doesn't require a cutscene, it gets old. Suggesting what cards to play makes the game seem too easy, even for something made for children. Fun, but could be even better with changes to UI.
Daniel Durbin review Daniel Durbin
Awesome game!
It's very easy to learn, and gets quite addictive. You can get good digimon through FP, and green tickets, but you will want to spend some money to get the really good digimon. My only criticism is the training zone. It sucks that you have to physically push the level up button to advance to the next level.
Anthony Tolson review Anthony Tolson
Fun easy way to pass time. I'm so addicted! Nothing bad to say, but it does eventually take up a lot of space any I dead on a fix for that other than get a new phone. Keep up the good work!ヘ(^_^)ヘ
Jesse Latham review Jesse Latham
Updating to 7.1 on Nexus 6P yields black screen
Hi there. Big fan of the game and what you're doing (the one star to get your attention), but after a recent update (this morning) to Android 7.1 beta on my Nexus 6P I only see a black screen after starting the game. No visuals, just the Facebook login which I tend to always dismiss. Help please! Let me know what information you need to help you guys out. Cheers.
Howard Northrup review Howard Northrup
I admittedly install and uninstall a Ton of Games. very Few keep me captivated. I'm Greatly enjoying This. I don't often write reviews in Fact I've only ever exerted energy into writing one For eternium.
Markiplier jr review Markiplier jr
Its pretty fun
For the spin thing u need to change the digimon so its not war greymon and u need to make that thing easier I wasted all of my money trying to get him but still nothing, MAKE IT EASIER!