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In Digimon Links connect both the real and digital worlds!

All your Digimon favorites come to life in Digimon Links! Grow stronger with the bonds you form with your Digimon, and find out the cause of the disturbances in the Digital World!

Game Details
Take part in fierce 3-on-3 command battles!
Lead your Digimon to victory as you make use of their Leader Skills, Signature Skills and Legacy Skills! With an awareness of their Attributes and Resistances overwhelm your foes.

Build Your Farm and Raise Digimon
Take a break from battles as you create facilities that enable you to power up your Digimon. Make use of various added effects, return to battle and seize victory! With a whole range of facilities available, this is your opportunity to create your very own, unique digi-space!


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DigimonLinks APK reviews

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Dave Roy review Dave Roy
I love this game, I've been on almost everyday. It looks great, there are many Digivolution paths to take, and battling is a ton of fun. My only real complaint is the chat.. my friend and I use a private chat to talk all the time while waiting for stamina to recharge, but it's pretty buggy, censoring a lot of really common, non offensive words like anything with an "ho" or "is", and for some reason the word "ready" is censored too.. if this could be fixed, it would be great.
alvin tanya review alvin tanya
Great works. As a big fan im really looking forward if Bandai can also bring back the classic old school dot digivice game into modern one. Not mmorpg.. But just that classic nostalgic dot nostalgic game. I really like digimon unlimited that a fan made before where we raise one digimon in many ways. Too bad its not bandai work. I definitely play if u make one
tyjr12 review tyjr12
The games is really fun and i love how the systems work. There are some issues however, for example WAY WAY WAY too grindy. Thats the biggest because during events you have to commit your life to the game to progress your gamestate. Additionally if you use stones in someone else's hosted co-op game they're gone despite it not being your fault and with the tiny amount of stones you get after 3 10 captures it adds up. Needs reworks but is good over all.
F. Jordyan Kalanit review F. Jordyan Kalanit
Most people will say that it is kinda hard to get to mega. And I think they got a point but well in my own oppinion, this game comes with its own strength and weakness. I manage to get my rosemon and wargreymon and now I'm working on my taomon. My point is. This game is good overall but it can be better if there are feature that we can do to enhance our interaction with other player. A clan or guild or something like that. Keep ap the good work and I'm looking forward to the next update.
A Google user review A Google user
Ok so I'm rating 1 star strictly because there have very limited updates on the maintenance. I understand someone peed on the servers but there should be updates at least 2x daily to keep players updated to the progress. I have been playing since day 1 and while there have been issues it is still a fun game. I intend to stick it out to see if it comes back up or if the developers just took players money and ran. But I highly recommend that no one installs it until you see the reviews change. There's no need to waste your time or phone memory.
K H review K H
Great game! Just very hard to get digivolve material. This may cause users to drop off and stop playing. Add digivolve material into store Bandai. Now go remake Digimon World 2 for PS4 I just won 3 times in tournament today after the update and every time its frozen and i did not get the prizes 13/12/17
monster bullfrog review monster bullfrog
I love digimon and this brought back a lot of memories. I however don't like having to rely on chance for literally everything useful in the game. Also if you have a favorite it's gonna take months to make it good and that's months of waiting doing the exact same missions to farm. So basically if you want a rinse and repeat game like every other phone game with a diamond theme then this is good, if you want a good game not so much.
Anthony Mech review Anthony Mech
All in all, I really love the game. It's fun, addictive, and not mind challenging. A couple things that I think would help is not make the diamonds so expensive, I would buy them more and add more levels. Instead of ending at stage 19. Add a world two where you can get some v.3 or v.4 digifuel. But other than that it's a really great game!
Narusawa Kaoru review Narusawa Kaoru
Let me rewrite the review for this game plus a couple of important feedbacks. As a p2w player who had spent almost $1k, I feel that this game needs to find ways to attract more casuals, semi-spenderd and f2p players. There's no reward for being the top 100-1000 players if there's no one to brag it with. There's no achievement for spending money to be the top if people keep quitting. What's the point of being the top when there's no more people below you to brag your achievements? If you want us p2w to stay, do something with your game to attract new players and casuals. As a start, remember what the game was like during the first month when there's no such thing as event chips. Remember how was the 1st advent quests (seraphimon and co.)
MrCrunchyBacon review MrCrunchyBacon
Very fun game. Not usually a fan of anything with microtransactions but I feel like there's always something to do even when waiting for stamina to replenish. Hope to see many more Digimon in the future but glad to see most of my favorites already in there. Can get a little grindy at times but nowhere near most games I've played in the past.
Adrian Tho review Adrian Tho
Overall is best Digimon game. Feed, train, evolve. Now colloseum battle is very good too, the developers are very fast in solving colloseum connection issue, and make it even better than the colloseum first opened last time. Salute to the geniuses. However, the game actually need improvement. 1. Add train feature, we are getting bored of area 8, u know what I mean developers. Add train feature bring back the feeling of Digimon world 1. Spending stamina for fast boost lvl. Make training will get % of unlocking new ability medals or something interesting. Train one by one. 2. Introducing sleep, sleep is Digimons habit. If u play at night, abyss Digimon will be hyper, and bright Digimon will be weaker. If the Digimon is sleepy, can't fight at it's best. Or introduce peak time for every Digimon tribe. I know u developers are good, hope u can improve the game mechanics.
Andi Cahyo W review Andi Cahyo W
I gave 5 stars when this game launched, because easy Digistones, Omegamon, digivolution event, etc. But now this game is completely Pay-to-Win. Every event required "Chips", and no player accept you until you get Chip B or A. And the event just being held for a week only. No wonder many people quit from this game, even they're a die-hard Digimon fans.
Germán Rivera review Germán Rivera
I've never been a huge fan of digimon but this game is awesome. It's easy to play, you have lots of things to do and the combinations of digimons you can use in your team are infinite (not really but you know ehat I mean). Overall is a great game with good graphics and it's really addictive. Totally recommended
JJ Wright review JJ Wright
This game is really pretty good in quality for all characteristics I love Digimon and have since I was is 2nd grade when they first came on TV so the building of your own character and leveling is a rad way for staying focused on the gameplay. However I think the battle zone needs more to it, it's kind of a boring battle zone and I think the creators could do a little more to that.
Kimmel Family review Kimmel Family
With daily events and online 3v3 matches; not to mention the addicitve meat farm and egg hatching. It's another GREAT game for the digimon fans, both new and old, to enjoy! On a side note: I do wish they would add abit more to/continue the "story mode" but add abit of a cpu challenge to it.