Diner Dash APK reviews

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Shiva Facilitation review Shiva Facilitation
Pls fix
I have being playing dis game since last 2months and when i rebooted my phone all the saved levels i had reached level 189 were erased and it does not seem to work at all.I have deleted the game and reloaded it also but its not working.It just opens the first stage and comes back to the phone screen .Pls fix ASAP.
Tracey Newport review Tracey Newport
I love this game but when I downloaded it on my mobile all it did was freeze. I couldn't even get passed the 3rd game. Deleting it.....
sarah spencer review sarah spencer
The game is okay but having to use energy on each level is ridicoulus. Also you should be able to upgrade appliances and other things to make more money.
Nikki Mongan review Nikki Mongan
WTF is this bs about connection problem?! "check your connection" give me a break. My Wi-Fi is fine. I tried it on 3 different connections. Fix your app.
Ronda Field review Ronda Field
Connection issues .
Updated my gane and now it tells me that it cant download due to connection issues regardless if I was on WiFi or data....Let's get it together diner dash team
Aaron Ashbrook review Aaron Ashbrook
This is my favorite game of all time but it won't let me play it. it keeps telling me that it was unable to download required content and to check my internet settings. I have xfinity wifi which allows me to do anything and everything i want. I can have full bars and it still keeps saying the same thing. Won't let me play the game at all! If you could fix this I'd really appreciate it! Also i think you should make more of the "diner dash" and "cooking dash" games/demos available!
Desiree Farmer review Desiree Farmer
Internet Connection
I have 4G and all bars why does it keeping saying "unable to download check Internet connection" Fix or deleting
Sarah Salem review Sarah Salem
Your problem
I love this game. I use to play it on the computer. But you need to fix it if you want people to play it. I have full internet and it won't let me into the game at all. I just read everyone else's post and apparently they have the same problem. So I think you have a problem with your game and I'm uninstalling it . let me know if you fix it and can play it.
love beauty93 review love beauty93
I am having problems with the connection it won't work & I've been trying to do this like 6 times
But it's good
I think that when you pass a board they should not take a life that's not good and u should be able to buy shoes for good with gold money
Carmen Williams review Carmen Williams
Failed to Connect
It says it can't connect to the Internet. My internet is working fine. This game just doesn't load which stinks because I used to love diner dash and now I can't play.
Bindiya Bol review Bindiya Bol
Connection Error
First you have to sign in using your Google account, and then despite full wifi connection it tells me there is an error in downloading the "content" (this is once the game has been downloaded and installed). Eh, I'll find some other game to play. Uninstalling.
Raine Crowley review Raine Crowley
Unplayable, as in I literally cannot even attempt to play it since it insists I'm having connection issues. I tried reinstalling and restarting both my tablet and router to no avail.
Keisha Derry review Keisha Derry
I've spent $135.00 on this game altogether, and I still have difficulties. That's why I've stopped spending money. Second, I've finished all the levels waiting on the level that's been supposed to be coming soon for I don't know how long. In the mean time I just work on the levels that don't have 3?. Definitely had glitches to it, like the sound of something continually keeps going until I finish the level. Needs to be fixed. And the amount of energy sucks. At least let us keep the energy if we win the lev
Dee Myers review Dee Myers
New update broke it!
I hesitated on installing the new update, after reading reviews, but I did it and now I too have a connection issue. It's claiming there is something wrong with my internet connection. I'm frustrated because I had saved 52 dinero to buy the perk that puts crates away. I'll wait for another upgrade and see if that works. If not then I'll delete it. Thanks