DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer APK

DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer
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DJStudio is a free, robust and powerful party-proof virtual turntable for DJs which enables you to mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music in the palm of your hands.
Designed to be user friendly, social and responsive, you now have the keys to mix your music and rule the party.

☆ Voted as app of the week by IKMultimedia ☆

DJ Studio respects you:
★ Full app for FREE, no hidden cost.
★ No registration fee.
★ No limitation, no watermark.
★ No trackers.
★ No stealing data.
★ No popups everywhere, everyday.
★ No premium, platinum only features.
★ Freely removable ads.
★ Only optional paid skins to support our work.

Key features:
★ Wide compatibility : Android 2.3 and more
★ 2 virtual turntables with cross fader
★ Customize your decks with up to 7 skins!
★ Unique scratch engine and disc physics
★ Access and browse your mp3 music library by folder, artist, album, name
★ Edit and re-order playlist
★ 8 sound effects: Flanger, Phaser, Gate, Reverb, Bit crusher, 3D, Brake and FlippingDouble
★ 3-bands equalizer for each deck
★ 10 customizable sample pads
★ One CUE/RECALL point per deck
★ IN/OUT and beat based loops
★ Pre-Cueing with headphones or Y-cable
★ Automatic landscape and portrait mode
★ Live record your mixes with the built-in recorder
★ Auto-mix feature (random & playlist modes)
★ Share your mixes on the SoundCloud social network
★ Live sound spectrum view with beats detection and zoom
★ Use your wave and mp3 music library
★ Designed for Nexus devices
★ Share with friends on social networks with Facebook, Tweeter or Google+
★ Compatible with iRigMIX™ from IK Multimedia*

System requirements:
★ Screen compatibility from 3.7" to 10" and HD screens
★ Wide OS compatibility : since OS 2.3
★ Min 1 core 800Mhz, recommended 2 cores
★ 2 cores required for scratch option
★ 1 GB RAM recommended
★ Multi-touch since 3.0

DJStudio is an advanced DJ application suitable for everybody whether you are a novice or a pro. You can use it as a standard free music player, to play your mp3 files.
If you like the app, please leave us a review!

If you have issues with this software or if you have some questions don't hesitate to write us an email.

* Sold separately, iRigMix is a product of IK Multimedia (

DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer APK reviews

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Ramdas Amrale review Ramdas Amrale
There was no answer to this page displays the same as last time we are looking to get to know that you have to go first to add a business add information about your experience with our voucher codes 2nd year and a few weeks and I am 21st century the the the same as last time we had the opportunity of the result there are no more information, and a few minute's to get to know that you have to go for it to be ago save job and a bit more than one occasion to
Chinkere Anderson review Chinkere Anderson
The only thing i hate is it scratches or statics when u change the pitch is there a way that can be fixed?
kendall young review kendall young
I have been with this app for YEARS! Since before the skins amd whatnot. After your new update my bling skin is no longer there and i would have to buy it again to get the ad free version this is highly unfair as i already bought the bling skin before and now i have to rebuy it just to get the ads removed. One star until this issue is fixed thank you for your time
oke oluwaferanmi review oke oluwaferanmi
I love this application so much because I use to do like original D.J
Adhum Gaffar review Adhum Gaffar
Seems like a good app for music but you cant play a song in reverse ehich lets it down i wanted to listen to tupacs hail mary inreverse to see if rumours where true but i guess il have to buy some real decks
epicdestroyer boi review epicdestroyer boi
It's dumb you can't make your own and you have to use the dumb ringtone its the worst!
Precious Okeoghene review Precious Okeoghene
Great App For Mixing
Nice app,I love it. Would even rate it 10stars. Pls I think there is room for improvement. I think there should be a master volume,and each deck should have its own volume,so as when u are playing two tracks at the same time,u can increase one track volume to be higher than the other track,and the master volume should be the one that regulates it all. Hope you review this and make improvements.Once again.Great App.... Thank you.
Champion Bwoy Cardo review Champion Bwoy Cardo
Best app ever its so awesome and better than the rest.
A Google user review A Google user
I love it but they could add lessons on here
Ike Osei review Ike Osei
If I try to use it,it tells me, i need to grant access to storage.Which I have tried several times but I don't get access to storage
Rockmonster Miami review Rockmonster Miami
Easy to turn slow down music. Add echo adder. Sounds like concert in my truck
Darien Padilla review Darien Padilla
I like it when it says "please come back" I I wish Icould support this app somehow...
Michael Maloney review Michael Maloney
When I adjust the BPM it just buzzes a loud sound like a static TV please update this used to work for me
Onkarbearing Suresh review Onkarbearing Suresh
All friends this is fake app not working don't waste your time and data will losses to download so better tried with other applications if you browse or download this app wonder earn some of rupees no Gain for you
Louis Lewis review Louis Lewis
It would be perfect if the sound effects were applied in the actual mix recording, and the volume leveled a bit more. Please fix