Dnot Let Bug Ded 2 APK

Dnot Let Bug Ded 2
Dnot Let Bug Ded 2 screenshot 1Dnot Let Bug Ded 2 screenshot 2Dnot Let Bug Ded 2 screenshot 3
This is strategy game. Prevent water from drowning bug. If pool fills, bug ded, if helth low, bug ded. Don’t let bug ded. You can buy stuff with PP, but if you don’t have enough PP, then I’m sorry, bro no helth or flushie flush for you.

(Seriously, the only reason I added an economy system is because the water is bugged, and I am too lazy to fix. Plz forgive. ty)

Also I ran out of snacks, so if I could get an F in the chat from the bois, I’ll be happy.

Controls: just push buttons lol you’ll figure it out. Also, like all our games, we have a lil cheat going on. Look on the bottom if you wanna ruin the game.

(some) Artwork: @Rexxe

Artwork, Code, and pretty much everything else: @Nurf

Music is brought to you by Nurf Records (AKA @Nurf made it, so don’t come and tell us to disable rating for music, he spent very much time on it (like 15 minutes and then removed the vocals, so at least like 17 minutes). You can find it on SoundCloud if you are into that stuff, and it will probably be released on Spotify, because he does that kind of thing.

@YuKey0 freaking ditched me this time, so if you were expecting to see her stuff, then I’m sorry. @Rexxe did her best. (I think).

Seriously, this is good game. We worked very hard on this.


Cheat only accessible with a keyboard. Look at this for cheatcode: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/46/dnot-let-bug-ded-2