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Dominoes DPC
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In the end it is an app of cooperation between actors of the same team and competitions against the other team. It is about choosing, even changing the choice. This first version gives you freedom without unnecessary validations, the table is yours.

The domino tiles are yours. Set in free mode or domino chain mode, assembling the tile puzzle. Perform in this first version as a solitaire domino. Select the complexity of matches until 4, 5 or 6. In domino chain mode you can achieve in the direction you want, counter-clockwise or in favor, you can also accomplish as many times as you want per actor and team, so You can realize as the classic domino by pairs or invent new ways to entertainment.

The score gives as a winner to the team where any of the actors run out of tiles or to the team that has fewer points when the puzzle is closed. Stop execution for any interruption and the table will indicate who was the first and last to play.
Touch the player button and watch each choice per actor.

Enjoy your new entertainment application. Develop your strategy and tactics skills.

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