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Welcome to the official Domino’s Pizza UK and Ireland Android app. Browse through all your favourite pizzas, sides, desserts and drinks, order at the tap of a button and watch your order come to life with our live updating pizza tracker. You could say, it’s The Official App of The Official Food Of Everything.

And talking of deals, download the app and look in the deals section for the best way to save on your favourites.

If something isn’t to your taste, please send your feedback to [email protected]

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Domino's Pizza APK reviews

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Ross Napier review Ross Napier
Dear dominoes, I have purchased the beautiful new dessert called Cinni Dippers with Icing for dipping in! Once delivered it has come to my attention that the icing wasn't present and instead a substitute of garlic sauce was present! This is unacceptable in all levels, I hope you will take into account and reflect on it! Maybe Pizza Hut was the better idea. Yours sincerely Unpleased Customer
Lee Marshall review Lee Marshall
Suddenly very poor
Now fixed
Andy Pace review Andy Pace
Real easy to use. Dinner ordered in no time.
david barclay review david barclay
Big fail following update
No longer does what it's supposed to, try and order the bogof deal, put in one pizza then try and order your second pizza and you can only order a small gluten free pizza. Sorry dominoes used to be great - sort it out with another update
Michael Beattie review Michael Beattie
Misleading (spam) notifications
Out of nowhere I get a notification from my Dominos app "Hey, get a pizza for £1", the spam notification not informing I had to buy a pizza at full price first. I knew it was too good to be true, but that's not the point. Bait and switch + unwanted notification = Uninstalled.
Perfection at your fingertips
What's not to love? Dominos pizza at the touch of a button! Fairly quick sign up process (mine took just over a minute) and voila! As the title says perfection at your fingertips....
Murfad Syed review Murfad Syed
Basically a good app however paying with credit card through the app rarely works.
Alan Moore review Alan Moore
Reading the bad reviews and you wonder how much time people have on the hands to complain about such little things. This app feeds me pizza and for that I am great full #pigfaceemoji #thumbsupemoji
Jane Cowley review Jane Cowley
Easy peasy. We use it loads! Great app.
Ursula Lewis review Ursula Lewis
Great app makes life easy even when collecting.
dan henson review dan henson
Matt Birch review Matt Birch
It always forgets me
Never press the back button, It will always end in tears! And I never have enough space in the drivers information section to tell them how to get to my house, meaning i have to walk 5 million miles with my pizza slowly turning to ice and misery before i get to nom. Oh and it always forgets who i am and i have to re-enter all my details which is rubbish if im trying to order on the sly when i want to pig out in my shed!
Debby Millington review Debby Millington
Previous orders
Rubbish app. Doesn't save previous orders and tells me I have a free garlic bread but won't add it to the basket. Also, pizza tracker say my pizza has been delivered then it turns 20 mins later
Brian Hamill review Brian Hamill
Pizza tracker could be better
Awesome app, unfortunately the "personal pizza tracker" Dom sometimes shows a different status than the notifications to my device. Also the intro that Dom does cannot be skipped as when I go back into the app I just want to know what stage the order is at, not a Hello my name is...
ian taylor review ian taylor
Starting to wind me up now
was great but now every time I order I have to reenter my address and then it loses the order. It never ever remembers it. Secondly I normally get a deal and on the homepage it shows past orders, I add the order to the basket and its £8 more, so again I have to start the order from scratch