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The Original World Famous Game-Piano Tiles!
This is a super fun and highly addictive game suited for everyone.
No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers!

“Don't Tap White Tiles” has been updated!Join the real-time battle and compete for higher speed globally!


How To Play:
The rules are clear: play your piano but don’t ever touch the white tiles.
Sound easy? Give it a try, and see how well you stack up against your friends.
◈ Many awesome game modes so you never get bored
◈ Friend leader boards (Facebook/Twitter)
◈ Customizable classical piano soundtrack
◈ Multicolored themes & dozens of color options
◈ Smooth gameplay
◈ Optimized for high resolution screens
◈ Community support
◈◈◈ Over 160,000,000 downloads worldwide. ◈◈◈
◈◈◈ Over 1,200,000 five-star ratings on the Google Play Store ◈◈◈
◈◈◈ You don’t need clones, have fun with the original! ◈◈◈

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AritoSoloPlayer review AritoSoloPlayer
It is a really good game that will waste time and helps type faster on touch screen keyboards.
Love it and hate it in a good way
If you love competitive game this is a game for you the game has lovely music but it's addictive at the same time!!? PS sometimes it makes you want to throw your phone on the ground LOL whoever made this game is very smart
Maisie Ferns review Maisie Ferns
Rubbish ads are changing the screen and time i pass a level it keeps me on the same level crap
Sara Lusk review Sara Lusk
It's fun and easy
I get bored alot so when I get bored I just play this game and it's fun and easy for when your bored anyone of all ages can play it
John Chiara review John Chiara
End of my life..
This game has ruined my life...
Nerida Hopejohnstone review Nerida Hopejohnstone
Love it
AWESOME :):) it has awesome music I would like more that I know!!! Can there plz be another game mode thx this games awesome
Lmcelwee McElwee review Lmcelwee McElwee
Ugh ads
I really wish ads weren't in my face all the time between turns
Sydne B review Sydne B
Don't touch the tiles
Hussein Hassan review Hussein Hassan
Too mucj ads
Hated it
Ryan Bates review Ryan Bates
- make a battle rush mode where the last person standing (still pushing tiles) wins and then displays the score as the amount of tiles pressed in a row.... also add old classic battle back- the online battle system is the way to go and it's really addictive. Maybe start a ranking system with the total amount of wins in each category and make it display on your name
Lily White review Lily White
It is so amusing and addictive application. Thank you. But it is so hard to get diamonds for keeping on its levels and I don't know how should I get them...
Madison Pryde review Madison Pryde
Worth a download
Its pretty addictive ive had the game a day and im obssessed with trying to beat my top score. If anything i wouldnt change it but i reckon itd be a cool option if you could chose like a popular song to do rather than all the default classic options.
Freya Scott review Freya Scott
I'm proud
Honestly I just saw who made this and I was like no way and realised my sister made this game!!! Omg Niamh Gordon is my sister she is called Niamh swannack but prefers my mum's name Gordon
Drake Hatfield review Drake Hatfield
This counts as a game these days? No real puzzle here. Just tap the correct squares frantically and you win. Took me 90 seconds to know this is not how I need to spend any of my free time. Nice battle interface though!