Doodle Alchemy APK

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Doodle Alchemy is a game with amazing graphics and effects. Off-beat music and sounds create an unforgettable atmosphere!
At the start, you have only 4 elements: air, water, earth, and fire. Combine these elements and create new ones. A fascinating journey into the world of knowledge awaits!
Enjoy your discoveries!


- One-click intuitive gaming
- Amazing design and effects
- Off-beat music and sound effects
- Language choice. Play and learn new words!
- Large number of elements

Doodle Alchemy APK reviews

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Daniel Rempel review Daniel Rempel
Kinda been my favorite mobile game since my earlier childhood when I played doodle God. Very enjoyable game.
Title says it all
Ecem kubra review Ecem kubra
Amazing but ..
Draging is taking too long .. Also for glass making isnt feel right it must be sand and thunder i think . Awesome gameeee ****
Julia Call review Julia Call
Great little game! Easy way to kill time.
Works great and ends your boredom. Not bad at all.
Justin Akers review Justin Akers
The offer poped like 1 min after I started playing but I like it sso far
Susie Stern review Susie Stern
I've only just started to play. Three elements made is not enough to judge an app. Will return after I've played for a bit. So far so good though.
Ulise Catalin review Ulise Catalin
Only one go...
The game only runs once after installation. I really like it but I can't get around to playing it. Any help, please?
Stephanie Fletcher review Stephanie Fletcher
Guess I'm not into mindless tapping
I just don't see the point in this, or how it can be addicting to anyone. You just randomly tap on the pictures and hope the two elements make something new. It's really just a guessing game instead of puzzle or strategy, especially considering some of the combos really don't make sense and some that you think should be obvious don't combine. I just found it incredibly boring, but I must admit the graphics are pretty cool. 1 star for just being lame, but 1 star for cool graphics for a mere 2.
Samantha Barchard review Samantha Barchard
Could only play once
I liked the game when I played it the first time, but now I can't even open it. It only worked once.
Valery Levchenko review Valery Levchenko
The best game of its kind
Just as all Beryl games, this one is beautiful and fun. Only thing I didn't liked is command to drag elements from book to table, but in fact there's no dragging option available - one must click the elements.
Travis Divorski review Travis Divorski
Good but ruined by ads
Used to love the doodle series but the ad interruptions are a total fun sucker, too bad
Tim Smith review Tim Smith
Decent game
It's like all doodle games. This one plays a little slower because of the animation, but on the flip side it looks cooler.
Max Cherwin review Max Cherwin
Early, but a fun diversion. I think the UI is clean and the puzzle aspect ks different from most games. It isn't for everyone, but it feels like it will work for me.
A Google User review A Google User
This is a great game...until u get stuck I love this game but I think u should give free hints ever now and than
Marta Cerkasina review Marta Cerkasina
Love it soo much
Great game I play it in my spear time and even though I get a bit stuck I love the game sooo much
MiniZelda Lily review MiniZelda Lily
Very intelligent idea ?⚡
It's a very entertaining game and makes you think a lot ...good idea it ?