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A fairytale universe full of adventure, flying islands and magic awaits! Collect different breeds of dragon and create new ones! Battle in tournaments against other players! Prove that you’re the best dragon keeper the world has ever seen!

Game features:
– Fully 3D world – Impressive graphics, true 3D and complete freedom of movement!
– Variety – Over 300 dragon breeds from different environments with unique abilities. Breed absolutely incredible dragons and track their achievements in the Book of Dragons!
– Battles – Train your dragons, make armor for them and use magical amulets. Send dragons to the tournament and win!
– Thousands of players around the world – Visit your friends’ islands and get gifts. Challenge other players and take first place on the League Table!
– Global map – Huge archipelagos of flying islands!
– Regular updates – New quests, new dragons, new magic items and much more every month!

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Dragons World APK reviews

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Amanda Hicks review Amanda Hicks
It's fun but.....
I'd like to be able to view all my dragons on a list, where I can go to each one, feed, edit name, or whatever. With all that I've accomplished, it takes up so much memory that it takes fooooooorevvvvvvvvver to load. Over 200 MB in memory. I also don't like being connected to the Google games app. If that's required for anything.... Too bad, I disabled that app.
Cierra Mitchell review Cierra Mitchell
Loooveee it -BUT
I love this game so so much! My husband and I are addicted! BUT we hate how long the battle turns take to reload. It really makes us loose interest in the tornaments. When they regenerated faster for a week that was AMAZING! And I wish I could get a golden claw so I could restock on gems for a good price ♡ I do wish breeding some rares came just a tad easier and that there were more islands for a little cheaper :)
Shawn review Shawn
Good Dragon Game
Probably one f the better "Dragon Farmville" games out there. It's a little costly if you use gems, but still better than others. Tournaments make the game.
GuinepigGirl AJ review GuinepigGirl AJ
I uninstalled it a long time ago and now i got it again and my progress is the same! I still have all my dragons. LIKE WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?
eula hoel review eula hoel
Dragons world
Pretty much like real life you can play for free til dragons are level 10 then after that you need to spend money in order to fight others cause if not n you want to fight your dragons can't compete with those buying there way which is our society so if you just want to breed dragons to have them n take up alot of memory on phones then this is the game for you , hay dragons world why don't you pair up the free with the free n the buyers with buyers now that's fair but it's a fun game
andrew apple review andrew apple
(It still Needs more work)
(Still It needs a way to trade dragons) and a better element system if your the same type it should not kill your dragon and the armor system is still stupid why put armor on your dragon if its not going to help you why have to pay with gems in order to get it the only thing great and better is the Dragons they still look really cool and more dragons with thumbs would be better to and because I don't want to see a good game go if you guys did that you guys would be the best dragon game out there and please more missions with the use of dragons and more things like dragon missions or cleaning would be fun to
Betty Jo Kiwalski review Betty Jo Kiwalski
Unhappy Dragon World Addict
I would like to start off by saying I LOVE THIS GAME, but I cannot believe that the gem rewards have gone down so significantly! Who wants to pay 10 gems for a power attack just to be rewarded 3? It doesn't make any sense!! Also I really could use another island especially since we have a new essence! It would be perfect if these two problems were addressed! Signed a dragons world addict! ?
Rachel Fletcher review Rachel Fletcher
I was very disappointed when the number of crystals as prizes at tournament was dropped so drastically. I now have no chance of getting awesome dragons, except buy buying them...but I guess thats what it's all about. Money, money, money! Very seriously considering deleting the game, after 18+ months. :-(
Angel King review Angel King
Chances are the odds are against you.
Whether trying to breed a dragon or fighting in the tournaments/leagues, it's like playing a slot machine. It's still a good game that needs alot of improvement. From needed islands for more space, to be able to house more dragons, the list is infinite. All that aside, I enjoy the game and hope that there will be some improvements. Thanks for taking the time to read this review.
Chris Micallef review Chris Micallef
Was good, but now it's crap!
This used to be a great game but now you can not win without buying a $50 dragon. It has progressively become hard to succeed unless you are a big spender. Don't pretend it is a free game if you have to pay to do anything useful. I am uninstalling!
Rebekah B review Rebekah B
Greedy developers
I used to enjoy this game, and now I'm embarrassed that I ever talked other people into playing. The pattern of updates here involves consistently removing free features and adding pay-to-play advantages. If you want to spend hundreds of dollars so you can say you paid money for a meaningless win, this game is for you! Enjoy giving all your money to developers who clearly care nothing about their customers.
Amelia Love review Amelia Love
I lost everything
I got a new phone and so I downloaded the game I forgot what level I was on but you know I had a lot of dragons I train them I bred them and I also purchased stop lying or food or whatever the case may be all of that is gone I need help to get it back please message me as soon as possible email whatever I love this game is games awesome but other than me losing out on everything that's the only thing that's a bummer
Maureen Huysman review Maureen Huysman
The best dragon game ever wish I could get rares the battals are awsome but so dragons look dumb. The babbies r sooooooooo cute :). :D
Donna Jeffery review Donna Jeffery
Love it
But the Island needs to be bigger to accommodate more habitats especially if you upgrade or get large ones, I'm struggling to achieve 12 habitats on one island!! Otherwise Would of been a 5*.. oh my what's happened to the tournament gems? Shrunken.. Have played this game for a long time every day , spent money on it because I was so addicted & it was worth it, still really enjoy playing the game, please, please can we have another island to accommodate the amazing new "time" dragons, need more room plz
Miriam Halbrooks review Miriam Halbrooks
Sadly become pay to win
This game used to be pretty great. It took me a long time to get tournament ready, and then an even longer time to get ranked up enough to make tournaments worthwhile. But now it's obvious the game is biased toward people who spend money. Bought dragons go first in combat. The real nail in the coffin is the change to tournament rewards. Gems used to be much easier to come by, and if you were patient you could eventually get some cool dragons. But now the rewards suck. I won't be playing or paying anymore.