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Battle vicious dragons and monsters in DragonSoul, a new fantasy RPG stuffed with heroes and fantastic loot!
Battle to earn legendary heroes and power-up to brawl your way through multiple modes. Roleplay through the many Campaign chapters, test your skills against real DragonSoul players, and take a break from your quest to battle in the Boss Pit! Even team up with other players by joining a Guild!

DragonSoul Features:

Epic Heroes & Powerful Runes!
+ Heroes have at least 4 deadly skills and 14 rarity levels
+ Battle with awesome gear like Laser Kittens, Enchanted Elbow Pads and Lucky Orc’s Foot
+ Legendary heroes get even stronger with the addition of Runes

Dragons & Legendary Monsters!
+ Battle dragons and monsters by fighting in combats

Battle in Weekly ‘Guild Wars’ Fighting Games!
+ RPG fighting games give you a shot at squaring off against other players
+ New challenges are always just around the corner
+ Compete against other players for top ranks, prizes and bragging rights

Fast-Paced, Over-the-Top Battles!
+ Choose your 5 best heroes and hurtle into battle against monsters, dragons and even other players’ lineups
+ Strategy is key to beating tougher and stronger opponents!

Epic Hero Quest!
+ Battle dragons and monsters as you collect Soulstones to free and unlock Heroes from the clutches of the evil dragon, Umlaut!
+ Roleplaying as five main heroes; you’ll battle dragons and grab rare loot

Amazing Graphics!
+ Explore a rich fantasy world filled with gorgeous environments, hilarious characters, astounding effects, and stunning graphics.

Long ago, fearless heroes ruled the land with mighty powers. Then the jealous dragon Umlaut captured the heroes, trapping them in Soulstones. Now, only few heroes remain. Only YOU can take the remaining few on a journey from a scrappy band and turn it into an unstoppable army as you unlock Soulstones in each battle. Explore an original world with fantastic characters while fighting your way to the top, freeing heroes and defeating evil along the way!

Fantasy RPG games will never be the same! Battle with your legendary heroes and become the best in this monster RPG!

Download DragonSoul today!

DragonSoul APK reviews

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Charles Buckton review Charles Buckton
Really like this game. I have tried loads of different types of ccg, tcg, build, create and then battle games, some you probably have tried yourself. But this has me hooked. Easy to pick up and advance. Yeah you're limited with stamina costs and replaying sections to advance characters. But I haven't spent a single penny and never will. If you do get stuck advancing, I recommend you open another account on a different server. I have 4 on the go and all different.
Kiya Hunter review Kiya Hunter
Awesome game
It's amazing. The characters are clever and funny but I think my game is glitched. In Drakenwall forest it keeps making me play the same place over and over. Do I have to be a higher level and unlock more things to move on?
Gena Hailey review Gena Hailey
Great game
Love it! ? I've been playing it awhile and it takes awhile to understand the strategy of all the areas, especially if you're wanting to avoid spending money. If you want to play without spending real money you can, it just takes a lot longer. Do all the quests and campaign as much as you can, etc. If you're stuck beating a specific character, Google it. :)
Danielle Thomas review Danielle Thomas
Been playing a long time and it's getting old. Gear is hard to acquire so heroes are hard to level after a bit. New skills are mostly too difficult or boring to get. Way too many hero releases so you can't keep up. They have increased the costs of certain things that were already priced a little high (in-game currencies not real money) since changing devs. Bit greedy.
Barbara lawson review Barbara lawson
Dragon soul
It is a game for big kids though it is it is kind of cool but to defeat awesome dragons and you get to get Soul stones and get all sorts of stuff you can upgrade your team so I don't know how many levels it's just an awesome game and you get to level up in all this type of stuff to get new Heroes
Elaine Yu review Elaine Yu
Content is stale at this point. Heroes are introduced much too frequently to keep up as most require the same items to upgrade. Every 'update' is simply a level cap increase. There is no real motivation to stay in a guild either. As you move up in wars, you'll reach a point where war after war is a loss - might as well jump down a tier to find easy wins again and repeat.
Seth Samson review Seth Samson
M Chalkiopoulos review M Chalkiopoulos
While the game itself is entertaining, the company has changed ownership recently and too many Heroes are being released - there's no way to keep up and be competitive on the upper end without investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars. That being said, if you're ok with not being top dog and you enjoy your guild, I guess it's fine.
johnny scott review johnny scott
Huge fan of the random geek culture. You just seem to notice little things here and there. So far both Firefly and Dr Horrible. I'm sure there's plenty more.
david austin review david austin
I like the look of this game. The names of the characters are funny and so is their appearance. The battling is good too, in the campaign and in the pit fight against other players. The pit fight leagues are annoying though, when you battle your way into the top 5 of a league, get less than 5 hours away from promotion to the next league up, then you find they've merged your league with another and you are knocked out of the top 5 by players wifh a team more powerful than yours, so your battling into the top 5 was for nothing. grrr.
James Palmer review James Palmer
Leveling gear is complete bullshit, ridiculous if you have more than 5 heroes... Other than that it is pretty fun.
Gloria Edejer review Gloria Edejer
My favorite app
I really love this game because of many reasons: witty humor, great art style, fun gameplay, and the ability to actually play the game without having to pay! And the devs are so responsive and considerate to the community and their wishes. Thank you guys for making a great app!
Jimmy Pop review Jimmy Pop
"Freedom of play" (when the servers aren't busy) Hard fixed/ hacked fights not fun any more
Game started out fantastic I couldn't get enough even buying a month gem bundle. At around level 17 (took about 2 days) the game starts getting stupidly hard to progress without spending real money on gems. In the online fight pit I regularly get beaten by people who are obviously lower power levels than me some times thousands lower. I get beaten because they have been mugged off and paid a premium for gems to get new characters. Unless you are rich this "free" game soon gets old and is very frustrating!
JTracing XprtGamer review JTracing XprtGamer
I love this. Perfect if you love clash of clans or clash of kings. An amazing rpg.
Jaz Colon review Jaz Colon
Pretty cool
The games fun and the graphics are cool it's just th noises they make during a battle I wish were more realistic but other then that it's great and fun